Drason Beasley

Drason Beasley

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 12 school board candidate Drason Beasley:

Do you have children in the WCS district? 

Yes, I have 3 children in Williamson County Schools.  My oldest is an 8th grader at Page Middle and my younger two are in 4th grade and Kindergarten at Creekside Elementary.

Have you ever held or run for public office? If so, when and where and which public office? 


Why did you choose to run for a seat on the WCS school board?

As a father to three children currently enrolled in WCS, I feel I can offer the firsthand perspective of a parent invested in ensuring his children and all Williamson County children continue to get the best education possible. I have been very concerned about some of the issues recently facing our school system and want to be involved in making good decisions to support the absolute best outcomes for our children.

What are your qualifications to become a member of the WCS school board?

 I have spent 24+ years working directly with children and youth.  This experience combined with my degree in Education makes me uniquely suited to serve on this board.  I currently serve as the Director of the Williamson County Juvenile Detention Center and work daily with our at-risk youth population. 

What are the biggest issues facing WCS?

I feel one of the biggest issues facing WCS right now is the recent challenges in hiring and retention of Williamson County teachers and staff. Additionally, there are major challenges with our current curriculum and continued revisions need to be sought to ensure this curriculum is appropriate for our children. 

If elected, how do you hope to make a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers and other stakeholders?

Teachers and staff are our greatest asset and resource in WCS.  We have got to work together and appropriately compensate and reward them for their service to our children. I will be a strong advocate for competitive pay for our WCS professionals. I would also aggressively advocate for a detailed review of our district funding with direct emphasis on Special Education funding. Finally, I would work to ensure all curriculum available to our children is age appropriate. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Williamson County Schools are ranked as some of the best in our state and I am willing to give of my time and greatest efforts to ensure we keep them that way. 

For more information on Dason Beasley, click on the link below or visit his Facebook page at @drason4schoolboard or follow him on Instagram at @drasonbeasley4wcs.