Eliott Franklin

Elliott Franklin

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 4 school board candidate Elliott Franklin:

Do you have children in the WCS district? Yes

Have you ever held or run for public office? If so, when and where and which public office?

I was elected to serve on City Council in Bulverde, TX in 2003

Why did you choose to run for a seat on the WCS school board?

Seeing firsthand the impact that the board has had over the past few years handling the pandemic is what compelled me to run. Just as all companies were able to watch how their leaders navigated these uncharted waters, true leaders quickly rose to the top while others floundered, and their company’s performance directly reflected this. WCS enrollment is flat at best despite the rising number of new families moving to the district.  Parents are withdrawing their students due to the harmful curriculum and medical mandates. In addition, teachers are leaving in unprecedented numbers. We need new leadership on the board to rebuild trust, transparency, and morale along with giving parents a voice again.

What are your qualifications to become a member of the WCS school board?

Education: BBA, Management - Angelo State University; MS, IT Management - Western Governor’s University

Community Activities (church, civic, etc.): 

  • Programs Director for the Middle TN Information Systems Security Association
  • Board Member, Amelia Park Homeowners Association
  • Security Ministry, Fellowship Bible Church – Brentwood
  • Member, Williamson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

1)    Parental Rights

  • Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education and medical decisions.  School boards should not determine if a child is forced to wear a mask or take a vaccine.
  • Schools should be a place where children are educated and inspired to rise up and be the next generation of innovative and productive American citizens.  Studying the basics of reading, writing, history, and STEM must be achieved without teaching divisive ideologies based on hatred, discrimination or the marginalization of any individual or group.

 2)    Teacher Morale (Recruitment and Retention)

  • Our teachers are leaving because they are not supported, nor do they have a voice with the current administration or school board. They are being told how to teach and what to teach instead of being able to use their years of training and natural talent. We should create an easy to use, anonymous app for teachers to communicate their concerns.

3)    Student Safety

  • Our students are now the objects of political games. Both with their physical safety as well as the curriculum they are being forced to learn.  We need transparency. We have bullying and other safety issues which are reported and then not followed up on. As a board, we must provide easy methods to report safety concerns and hold our administrators accountable.
  • We must remove the pornographic and other sexually oriented books from our school libraries. The focus of our schools should be to teach the basics, not push a political agenda on the students. 

If elected, how do you hope to make a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers and other stakeholders?

I will listen to the parents and teachers and hold the administration accountable. We must create simple surveys to gain input from our teachers and conduct exit interviews.  We should also remove the extra burden that teachers pay tuition if they live out of the county. Finally, we must remove harmful curriculum and medical mandates and remember that parents know what is best for their children, not the school board.  

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am the best candidate to serve the parents and voters in District 4 because I have a passion for serving the students and teachers. I do not have any political ties to Williamson County, nor do I have any conflicts of interest in the role. My goals are always to bring issues back to the basics. So often we try to create solutions for problems that don’t exist. Our schools have been the best in the state for a reason, yet the current board and administration are trying to tear them down by following the latest trends in the media. The media shouldn’t run our schools, the parents and teachers should.

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