Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 4 school board candidate Josh Brown:

Do you have children in WCS schools?  

I have three children who attend WCS schools

Why did you choose to run for re-election on the WCS school board?

After being appointed by the County Commission to the board in October, I believe I have already made a difference in bringing a common-sense, conservative voice to the board. I also recognize that there is more to do and still many challenges and opportunities ahead as a district. I’m running to continue the good work we have started.

In the time since you’ve served on the WCS school board, what have you learned about your role?

I’ve learned that the role of a board member is not just to set policy for the district, but to ensure that the policy truly works for our students, parents and teachers. All too often laws and regulations are adopted that make things harder for citizens not easier. The policies we set for WCS should take into consideration what will create the best opportunity for teachers and students to excel in the classroom.

What are the biggest issues facing WCS?

In my opinion, the two biggest issues facing WCS are funding and restoring trust between the board and parents. 

On the funding issue, the board must work with the Superintendent to identify ways to enhance our funding. This includes leveraging our relationships with our state legislative delegation to ensure WCS receives its fair share of state funding. It also includes using our positions to reach out to local business leaders to identify ways to partner with the corporate community to enhance our WCS budget to support our teachers and staff and to help our students develop and learn new skills. 

When it comes to restoring trust, the board must take the lead in ensuring that parents and citizens are being heard and that they believe their voices matter. Parental involvement and engagement has been critical to the success of WCS over the years, and we must ensure that parents and the community have confidence in our leadership and the decisions we make.

If re-elected, how do you hope to continue making a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers and other stakeholders?

I believe that I’m uniquely positioned to bring people together and find common ground on key issues while maintaining my conservative principles. For a board to be successful and to get things done requires consensus, and consensus can only be achieved when there is mutual trust and respect. My commitment is to listen to everyone in my district and to be in the schools and engaging with business leaders and state and local elected officials to find solutions that will benefit students and their families, teachers and the community as a whole. 

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