Donna Clements

Donna Clements

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 8 school board candidate Donna Clements:

Do you have children in the WCS district?  

All four of my children have attended WCS.  As a mom and teacher, my husband and I have tried to balance our desire for our children to succeed with what is best for each child individually. When it comes to education, we often joke that we are a Heinz 57 family; we have experience in private, homeschool, and public school.  

As a candidate, I have an advisory team consisting of WCS parents and WCS teachers. Instead of just my perspective, this team provides me with insight from many families on what is working and what is not.   

Have you ever held or run for public office? If so, when and where and which public office? 


Why did you choose to run for a seat on the WCS school board?

Living in Williamson County for over twenty years, I have seen a decline in both community and teacher morale. With the experience and expertise I have gained with over a decade of teaching experience in the Nashville and Franklin areas, I want to serve our citizens, schools, and teachers well by restoring the pride and morale in our schools while maintaining the excellence WCS are known for. 

What are your qualifications to become a member of the WCS school board?

I have a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and my teaching certification and Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University. With over a decade of teaching experience in the Nashville and Franklin areas, I know I can be a voice for the families and children of Williamson County.  Similarly, living in this county for over twenty years, I have a strong understanding of what our constituents want. 

What are the biggest issues facing WCS?

Excellence in curricula is one of the most important issues. Despite growing controversy and passionate parental complaints over the current curricula, Wit and Wisdom, our school board has told parents that making a few minor changes would suffice. As a teacher, I served on a Curriculum Selection Committee. I know we can do better; we must do better for the sake of the children and families of Williamson County. I will work with leaders at the state level to assure we have the best, most trusted, developmentally appropriate curricula in front of our children. 

Additionally, we need to get parent volunteers back in the schools. For generations, we have known that the best schools have the best parent volunteers. As a teacher, I can attest to how much more efficient my classroom ran when I had the help of parent volunteers. It’s imperative we restore the trusted partnership between parents and schools. Finally, transparency is vital. From what a child is taught to how money is spent, there should never be any surprises. Did you know that 70 cents out of every property tax dollar goes to WCS? I love that every Williamson County resident is an investor, a stakeholder in WCS. But with such an important and significant investment comes the need for transparency and accountability. 

If elected, how do you hope to make a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers and other stakeholders?

In serving as a school board member, I will use my firsthand knowledge from my teaching experience to ensure we have excellence in all curricula, parent volunteers back in the schools, teachers that feel supported, and transparency from the school board. I will have monthly meetups so District 8 constituents can share their concerns to me, their representative.  

Anything else you’d like to add?

Serving on the School Board will be my sole focus professionally. Similarly, with older, more independent children, I will not be overwhelmed by trying to balance parenting young children or a career.  

For more information on Donna Clements, click on the link below or visit her YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages at “Clements For School Board.