Shauna Graham

Shauna Graham

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 8 school board candidate Shauna Graham:

Do you have children in the WCS district?

Yes, I have two daughters at Grassland Elementary (grades 3 and 5)

Have you ever held or run for public office? If so, when and where and which public office?

No, I’m a first time candidate.

Why did you choose to run for a seat on the WCS school board?

I believe the purpose of a local school board is to reflect the values, beliefs and priorities of the community. I want to be a voice for parents like me who have felt like our voices haven’t been heard over the past couple years. I’m a product of Tennessee public schools, graduating from Central High School in Hamilton County in 1995. My husband is a 1994 graduate of Brentwood High School. I love this community and our schools, and I want to give back in a meaningful way to not only help my own children, but children all across Williamson County.

What are your qualifications to become a member of the WCS school board? 

I’m an effective communicator, a critical thinker and problem solver. As a parent of two WCS students, I am uniquely invested in the success of our public schools. I started my career almost 20 years ago as a clinical oncology and bone marrow transplant pharmacist. I’ve spent the past 11 years in various corporate healthcare leadership roles. Currently, I serve as the Senior Director of Knowledge Management for HCA Healthcare. I’ve also held a faculty appointment of Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy since 2008. My current responsibilities include overseeing an enterprise-wide, digital medical library with over 60,000 active users, resource development for graduate medical education programs, and mentoring pharmacy residents and students. 

I have extensive experience with budget planning and management, vendor contract negotiations, structured problem-solving and quality outcomes improvement. I will use my business and leadership skills to positively contribute to the school board and improve its function. I also believe my passion for public education, deep concern for all students, optimistic personality and transparent nature will build trust and create productive partnerships with parents, constituents, teachers, other board members, and WCS administration.

What are the biggest issues facing WCS? 

Teacher attrition rates and recruitment challenges, transparency and accountability for curriculum decisions, budget and growth concerns for the district.

If elected, how do you hope to make a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers and other stakeholders? 

I will be a voice for all District 8 students, parents, and taxpayers. I will prioritize effective strategies (including increased compensation and incentive programs) to attract and retain teachers and teaching assistants. I will recommend in-depth assessments to understand learning loss as a result of COVID-19 and encourage comprehensive solutions for students who need focused resources. I believe parents are the ultimate decision makers for their children.

As parents, it’s incumbent upon us to get involved in our children’s education, and understand what they are learning and how we can best support their academic development and success. I will encourage more parent engagement in our schools because that is one of the key reasons Williamson County Schools have been so successful. 

My experience with WCS is that our teachers are highly-trained professionals and they deserve our respect and support. I will encourage more transparency and open communication from district administrators to students and families. I will advocate for increased curriculum transparency and a more robust curriculum selection process. As a board member, I will listen and respond to the questions and concerns of my constituents.

For more information on Shauna Graham, click on the link below or visit her Facebook and Instagram pages at @drgraham4schoolboard.