As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb, Williamson County Schools has announced it will be implementing tighter restrictions with middle and high school events on and off campus through the rest of December.

According to an article in the district’s newsletter, InFocus, WCS is continuing to adjust and increase restrictions for extracurricular events. 

“We recognize that opportunities for our performers and athletes to participate and compete are an important part of the middle and high school experience,” Superintendent Jason Golden said. “We will continue to improve upon our guidelines and make decisions to try to increase the likelihood that we will be able to continue with extracurricular activities.”

Secondary schools in the district have been on remote learning this week, while elementary schools have continued on-campus learning for the most part. An announcement on the status going forward is likely to be made soon.

While COVID mitigation strategies such as mask-wearing, temperature checks, social distancing, limited attendance and limited participation in non-WCS activities have been in place, additional steps are being taken effective immediately. Those include:

  • Shifting banquets and indoor celebrations to remote until further notice.
  • Indoor athletic contest tickets at the high school level will be restricted to a maximum of four tickets per player and coach.
  • Indoor athletic contest tickets at the middle school level will be restricted to a maximum of two to three tickets per player and coach based on gym capacity.
  • Outdoor athletic contests are restricted to one-third of the venue capacity with student section restrictions and spacing.
  • Indoor fine arts events may be held with the audience restricted to one-third of the auditorium’s capacity.
  • Coaches and students are expected to remain masked when not involved in the competition on the court, field or mat.
  • WCS will not participate in events, community or other, in venues with unrestricted attendance, including those open to the general public. WCS does not promote large gatherings with unlimited attendance at this time.

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