Snow-covered road

Both Williamson County Schools and the Franklin Special School District will remain closed on Monday. Many roads and neighborhood streets are still covered with ice and snow as of Sunday afternoon.

Though travel conditions on main roads have improved considerably in Franklin and throughout the county, many secondary roads and subdivision streets still remain hazardous from not being plowed or treated, or where not enough melting has occurred

This will be the eighth snow day for WCS, which has a total of 10 built in to its 2020-21 calendar. In an email to families, WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong said there have been questions as to why the district hasn’t transitioned to remote learning instead of closing.

“WCS has 10 extra school days built into our calendar because we have extended the time in school each day,” she said in the email. “Those days are to be used for weather events such as these. In addition, on remote days, many of our teachers along with several thousand students are still on campus for a variety of reasons to include internet access. So, our buses are still operating on remote days.”

Because Monday is a snow day, Friday will now be a regular school day instead of a Flex Asynchronous Day. The School Age Child Care program will operate at snow sites on Monday. Twelve-month employees should follow the snow day protocol.

School closure at FSSD includes all in-person, remote and virtual learning.

SnowMAC and WeeMAC will be open at the district site, 1406 Cannon St., from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. All MAC and WeeMAC students should bring a packed lunch.

All 12-month employees should report on time and custodians will all report for the day shift schedule.

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