Williamson County Schools' Athletic Department shared its nominees for the 2020 WillCo Awards. 

The ceremony this year won't be in person, rather shared in a virtual ceremony with WCS Athletic Director Darrin Joines and 104.5 The Zone radio personality Tate Mathews sharing the winners. 

The WillCos are set virtually for June 16 at 7 p.m. 

Below are the nominees: 

Girls Basketball

  • Grace Baird, Nolensville
  • Parker Leftwich, Nolensville
  • Amelia Osgood, Brentwood
  • Delaney Trushel, Brentwood

Boys Basketball

  • Bill Eads, Fairview
  • Rex Gainer, Ravenwood
  • Reed Kemp, Franklin
  • John Windley, Brentwood 

Girls Bowling

  • Molly Austin, Brentwood
  • Sarah Garrett, Page
  • Maddie Ludwig, Franklin
  • Jadyn Miller, Independence 

Boys Bowling

  • Drake Austin, Brentwood
  • Dawson Conder, Nolensville
  • Edward Lee, Ravenwood
  • Frankie Negron, Centennial

Girls Cross Country

  • Alyssa Andrea, Fairview
  • Msgana Araya, Ravenwood
  • Kaitlyn Vanderkolk, Brentwood
  • Leigh Walters, Page

Boys Cross Country 

  • Matthew Andrea, Fairview
  • Brent Dassow, Centennial
  • Evan Guzman, Franklin
  • Kevin Vanderkolk, Brentwood

Football, Defense

  • Tim Coutras, Nolensville
  • Myles Dawson, Ravenwood
  • Jaylen Herrud, Summit
  • Xiere Howard, Brentwood 

Football, Offense 

  • Cade Granzow, Brentwood
  • Andrew Mason, Ravenwood
  • Destin Wade, Summit
  • Cade Walker, Page 

Football, Player of the Year

  • Tim Coutras, Nolensville
  • Brian Garcia, Ravenwood
  • Keaten Wade, Summit
  • Cade Walker, Page

Girls Golf

  • Izzy Griggs, Franklin
  • Shelly Jang, Ravenwood
  • Gigi Powers, Brentwood
  • Taylor Qualls, Independence 

Boys Golf

  • Nolan Griggs, Brentwood
  • Jack Morris, Franklin
  • Jack Wilcox, Franklin
  • Clayton Williams, Fairview

Girls Soccer

  • Victoria Case, Ravenwood
  • Kate Devine, Brentwood
  • Sydney Weinstein, Page
  • Trystan Wepking, Nolensville


  • Piper Drazek, Brentwood
  • Shaye Eggleston, Brentwood
  • Lauren Starcke, Nolensville
  • Avery Young, Nolensville 

Girls Wrestling

  • Skylar Bixby, Independence
  • Makaylee Catlett, Independence
  • Annalise Dodson, Franklin
  • Taylor Sullivan, Independence 

Boys Wrestling

  • Alex Abels, Centennial
  • Riley Bennett, Fairview
  • Skylar Coffey, Brentwood
  • Johnny Mac Feldhacker, Brentwood


  • Ashton Carteaux, Ravenwood
  • Vivian Gust, Independence
  • Erin Holder, Page
  • Mackenzee Kirby, Summit


  • Kailey Craig, Brentwood
  • Emily Fleming, Centennial
  • E.D. Tisano, Ravenwood 

Media Student

  • Justin Kuddar, Summit
  • Joe Mina, Page
  • Reed Sellers, Franklin
  • Gabe Thieman, Independence 

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