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The Williamson County Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night on three resolutions meant to provide teachers and other employees of Williamson County Schools with monetary incentives.

Specifically, board members voted for increased dollars to add staff, a pay raise for both salaried and hourly employees and a bonus for school psychologists. Each resolution ended in a 10-0 vote, with Angela Durham from District 1 and Candy Emerson from District 8 both absent.

First up was a resolution recommending an amendment to the current school budget to add $3,404,971 for additional general educators and special education teachers.

A second resolution called for a mid-year raise of 3 percent for regular full- and part-time salaried staff and a $1 per hour raise for regular hourly paid staff. Total cost is $3,914,269, and would go into effect Feb. 1 with first payment Feb. 28.

Finally, board members showed support for educators by voting to approve a $5,000 retention bonus for all currently employed school psychologists for the 2021-22 school year.

The board as a whole recognized that the approved resolutions are not a cure-all.

“This is a beginning, not an ending,” District 10 member Eric Welch said. “We need to continue to fight for [teachers]. I think as a board, we can support them in what they do.”

The resolutions will need approval from County Commission members when they meet Monday, Feb. 14.

Tuesday's full meeting can be viewed here.