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Williamson County Schools students and families are finding additional resources, activities and learning opportunities online as the district shares the second phase of its Learning Plan developed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a release from the WCS newsletter InFocus.

While middle and high school teachers will continue sharing pacing guides with students on the new material, teachers will also be scheduling times within the week dedicated to communication with students by class or grade level through videoconferencing. Each teacher is expected to participate at various levels as directed by their principal.

“We’re excited for teachers and students to increase interaction through videoconferencing beginning this week,” Dave Allen, assistant superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, said in the release. “The extent of this interaction will vary by teacher and school as we become more familiar with this platform, but we expect parents will see a significant difference moving forward.”

Allen said the district has offered numerous trainings over the past few weeks that cover best practices for using programs like Screencastify, Zoom and Google Classrooms. According to trainers, more than 6,000 participants have taken advantage of these opportunities.

At the elementary level, online and interactive lessons covering ongoing and upcoming standards will be available on Google Sites, much like the resources already available for students at the secondary level. Teachers will send links to the Google Sites, which will have resources divided into the following categories: math; English/language arts and social studies; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). 

A document divided into columns will detail what standard is being addressed, provide an instructional video and offer practice activities with answers. Weekly newsletters will provide suggested daily pacing along with guidance on fine arts and physical education activities for students.

More details about the plan and what students and families can expect are available on the WCS Remote Learning and Grading Plan page.

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