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Williamson County Schools will be posting on its website its completed framework for the reopening of schools for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

The plan, which will be made public Thursday afternoon, will include instructional and operational information for parents to view, according to Carol Birdsong, WCS Communications director. The Williamson County Board of Education will meet Monday evening in a special-called work session to discuss the recommended framework that will be presented by WCS Superintendent Jason Golden.

During the most recent work session held June 11, Golden had presented to the board a draft of the plan that spelled out four levels to determine a school district’s status for opening day, which is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 7. These were a result of pin-point direction the district has received from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Tennessee Department of Education, and based on the percentage of active cases of the coronavirus to a county’s population.

If there are no active cases of COVID-19 in a particular community, schools resume under normal operations. At the other extreme, a high spread of the virus (greater than 1%) in a community’s population means remote learning only with just a few select students in a building.

A medium spread (0.5% to 1%) also results in remote learning only with select students and a few activities allowed in the buildings or on campus. On June 11, Williamson County was in the category of low spread (less than 0.5%) with the number then at 263 active cases accounting for 0.1103% of the population. That number had grown to 887 active cases and 0.372% as of Wednesday, but still within the low spread range.

School board member Eric Welch, District 10, believes there will be plenty of in-depth discussion when the board meets Monday.

“This is a tremendous task,” Welch said in a post on his WCS board Facebook page. “The COVID-19 virus has been identified in the United States for only about 160 days and in Tennessee for only around a hundred days, and we are learning more daily. 

“We are simultaneously moving closer to the first day of school and having thousands of students and adults come in regular close proximity for the first time in the county since early March, and no one is taking this lightly.”

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