WCS logo

Williamson County Schools has put a name with a face of sorts, as the district has recently given specific identification to its two online schools.

After the county’s Board of Education approved the suggestions from the WCS naming committee at its November meeting, the schools are now officially known as Discovery Virtual K-8 and Vanguard Virtual High. The names were the top choices of the committee and the students attending each school.

"Our students, staff and families are so excited that we are now Discovery Virtual K-8 School," Principal Kari Miller said through InFocus. "Even though we've felt like a real school for many months, having a name makes it official. Not only are we gaining a name, we are also gaining an identity. Just as the name Discovery Virtual signifies, we will be exploring the unknown, learning in new spaces and charting new territory in our learning."

Vanguard Virtual High School Principal Allison Fisher says her school community is also excited about its new identity.

"We love our new name," she said. "Our students feel very strongly that Vanguard captures the essence of the innovation taking place in our virtual environment."

In the coming months, the schools will select a mascot, logo and school colors. For more information about the two schools, visit the Discovery Virtual K-8 website and the Vanguard Virtual High website.