WCS school bus

Williamson County Schools is covering all the bases.

According to a release from the district’s newsletter, InFocus, preparations are underway on all levels for the return to school in August — whether that’s in the building or on the internet. Of course, the impact from the coronavirus closed schools to end the 2019-20 school year.

“We don’t know what the future will bring, so we have instructional teams working on preparing for any number of scenarios in the fall,” WCS Superintendent Jason Golden said in InFocus. “Of course, our hope is to return to our regular on-campus school schedule in our buildings, but we know that may not be possible. Our staff will be prepared to teach in the building, through distance learning or through a combination of both.”

A remote learning team made up of school principals and leaders in curriculum, instruction, technology, special education, professional development, operations and administration have been working together to assess technology and internet accessibility for students; make sure teachers have the tools they need to be successful; and build school schedules for all grade levels. This work will continue through the summer.

Golden said that all teachers will be trained on the learning management system, such as Google Classroom or Schoology, their school will use next fall before students return in August.

“We’ve experienced a successful pilot of Schoology this school year at Independence High and Brentwood Middle,” Golden said. “Parents can expect teachers at middle and high schools to use Schoology and Google Classroom in their teaching, and elementary schools will use Google Classroom. With the growth of our teachers in providing online instruction and support these past few weeks, our teachers have more tools available than ever before to prepare our students for the future.”

Golden will provide information on how the district is preparing for the upcoming school year with the school board at its work session Thursday evening. Schools will share additional information with families as more details become available.

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