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With a little less than a week left before the Aug. 1 Major League Baseball deadline for players drafted to sign with MLB teams, several Nashville-area players and commitments have signed deals while a few others still have decisions to make.

Players drafted in Rounds 1-10 are assigned a designated slot value to determine how much teams can pay each player, while anyone drafted after can sign for $125,000 with undrafted free agents getting $20,000 deals.

Vanderbilt’s Jack Leiter, the No. 2 overall pick of the Texas Rangers, and No. 6 overall pick Jordan Lawlar, Vanderbilt commit and Arizona Diamondbacks draftee, have yet to sign with their drafting teams yet.

While Kumar Rocker hasn’t yet officially signed, reports say the New York Mets are giving him a $6 million contract, which is more than his $4.74 million slot value.

Dominic Keegan, who was drafted in the 19th round by the New York Yankees, plus Isaiah Thomas and Nick Maldonado all announced they plan to return to Vanderbilt next year.

Tennessee second baseman Liam Spence (Chicago Cubs, fifth round) plus pitchers Jackson Leath (Texas Rangers, 12th round) and Sean Hunley (Tampa Bay Rays, 19th round) all remain unsigned.

Listed below are all of the players from Nashville-area schools, including Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Austin Peay and MTSU, who have signed MLB contracts:

Luke Murphy, P, Los Angeles Angles


Signed: $750,000

Slot value: $527,800

C.J. Rodriguez, C, Oakland A’s


Signed: $400,000

Slot value: $330,100

Hugh Fisher, P, Arizona Diamondbacks


Signed: $100,000

Slot value: $147,900

Jayson Gonzalez, 3B, Chicago White Sox


Signed: $125,000

Slot value: 

Josh Baez, OF, St. Louis Cardinals

Vanderbilt commit

Signed: $2.25 million

Slot value: $1.34 million

Michael Morales, P, Seattle Mariners

Vanderbilt commit

Signed: $1.5 million

Slot value: $733,100

Chad Dallas, P, Toronto Blue Jays

University of Tennessee

Signed: $497,500

Slot value: $473,700

Max Ferguson, 2B, San Diego Padres

University of Tennessee

Signed: $324,100

Slot value: $324,100

Connor Pavolony, C, Baltimore Orioles

University of Tennessee

Signed: $325,000

Slot value: $237,000

Jake Rucker, 3B, Minnesota Twins

University of Tennessee

Signed: $250,00

Slot value: $198,500

Garrett Spain, OF, Toronto Blue Jays

Austin Peay

Signed: $125,000

Slot value: $125,000

Aaron Brown, P, Houston Astros


Signed: $57,500

Slot value: $154,600

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