Taylor Lewan

Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan often finds himself in the news for the things that he says, but this time he’s making waves for his silence.

Lewan announced one week ago that he was taking the season off from social media, citing the need to detox from his digital presence.

“I got off it, the only reason why — it wasn’t like this big epiphany of mine,” Lewan said after Friday’s practice. “It was me and Will [Compton] treat that thing like a group chat. It’s more fun constantly being on it. It’s weird, the first couple of days [away from social media] I was actually kind of bored. Like, the real world was a little boring to me. Now it’s become almost crazy efficient because there’s really nothing to look at.”

Lewan is an active poster on both Twitter, where he has 154,500 followers, and Instagram, where he has 209,000 followers, largely plugging Bussin’ With the Boys, the podcast that he co-hosts with Compton.

“I think we all kind of sometimes get caught up in what's going on out there,” Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said. “… You know that a lot of social media is fantasy land. It's everybody's best moment, shiny moments. But we all deal with adversity. We all deal with days where we don't quite feel so great. And probably getting off social media wouldn't be a bad thing for all of us.”

Beginning his ninth NFL season, and at 31, the 2022 season could be the most significant of Lewan’s career. His contract is up following the 2023 season, and it’s not a given that Tennessee would bring back the three-time Pro Bowler once his contract expires.

Lewan, who’s set to make $12.9 million in 2022 and $14.84 million in 2023, has no guaranteed money left on his deal. The Titans could potentially move on from him next season and face no dead money penalty.

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