(Photo by Donn Jones/Tennessee Titans)

Jaimie Robinson may currently reside in Nashville, but she couldn’t sit idly by and watch her hometown of Bourg, Louisiana suffer damage from Hurricane Ida without trying to help. 

Jaimie, the wife of Tennessee Titans General Manager Jon Robinson, launched a GoFundMe page this week with a stated goal to raise $50,000 for relief efforts in south Louisiana.

"My wife is from down there; a lot of close family friends have lost everything and are starting over,” Jon Robinson said on Wednesday. “[My] heart pours out to them. Got to spend a little time in that region when I was coaching at Nicholls State. Just so many great people that I got to meet. Reached out to all of them. Everybody is safe. Just a lot of rebuilding that's going to have to take place for a long period of time."

As of Wednesday night, the GoFundMe page, which can be found here, had raised $11,030 through 45 donations and has more than 200 shares.

“Our hearts are breaking for all of our family and friends who are deeply affected by this disaster,” read a statement on the fundraiser’s description page from Jaimie and her sister Tammy. “So, we decided to do what we know best and that's to fundraise.”

The sisters stated all money raised will be dispersed to local charities in the Louisiana area to help with recovery efforts.