Former NFL quarterback and newly-minted high school football coach Trent Dilfer is in his first year at Lipscomb Academy.

Dilfer has already created a buzz around his program and shed light on the entire city of Nashville. He brings not only a breath of fresh air to the preps scene but also knowledge on the game of football overall and extensively the quarterback position.

This is evident as Dilfer serves as the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp Head Coach, which evaluates the nations top quarterbacks and picks the top 11 after a 49-day training camp. Dilfer won a Super Bowl as a quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens. He served as an ESPN Analyst from 2008 to 2017.

His presence has already translated into victories as the Mustangs are on track for it's first winning season since switching classifications to Division II Class AA competition in 2016.

His team is playing exciting football as the offense is averaging 34.78 points/game, up from 14.5 in 2018 and 11.27 in 2017.  

Coach, you have a unique program structure. Can you share the dynamics of how you and your assistant coaches manage your team?

TD: Our coaching staff does an excellent job of putting the kid first. That has been the approach and mindset of every staff member and coach since they first took the job here. In doing this, we have seen immediate results in the kid's performance both on and off the field and who they are as a person.

We are staffed with over 30 coaches and staff members including a full-time nutritionist, full-time academic coordinator and a recovery specialist. Each and every person on this staff plays a critical role in shaping the program's DNA. We work very hard and work very long hours to ensure we are doing EVERYTHING we can to prepare our kids for the weeks opponent. 

How do you prepare your student-athletes for the next level in life?

TD: Our core beliefs are founded on football, human performance, academics, and character development. The latter is where we spend specific time strategizing and game-planning for these kids' futures.

We do everything we can to get each kid who wants and deserves a chance to play college football an opportunity to do so. Additionally, because of our staff size, we are able to pour into the kids individually and help them seek out the goals they want to achieve. 

The Lipscomb fan base is excited that you're here. What is your vision on how your program can or has already impacted the Lipscomb Academy community? (students, fans, etc.)?

TD: The vision I came with and continue to pitch is unifying the community around the game of football. Football is such a powerful vehicle for bringing community members, alumni, friends and families all together on a Friday night. This is why I believe our pre-game stampedes are the best in the country and are so essential to what we believe as a program.

IT TAKES EVERYBODY! This is a constant driving home point I tell teachers, administrators, parents, and coaches. Everyone has a piece in this large machine and if we ALL give 100% of our effort we can become something very special. 

What can college scouts expect from an athlete on your team?

TD: Our players will be the most college-ready athletes on the team. This includes being ready for school, social skills, handling media, building your brand and playing on the field.

Our program does not just stop at football. We really believe we are building a human development program that is masked as a football team.

This allows us to fuel our athletes' bodies with nutrition, fuel their brains with tutors and academic resources and fuel their souls with life coaching and mentorship practices. 

Can you please share some off the field successes of your student-athletes (educational, community involvement, etc.)?

TD: Our team's GPA has improved since the spring of last year. We have dozens of students taking college and AP level courses.

Additionally, our students have thrived in the academic setting during football season. 

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