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The 2019 football season is over, but the superlatives are still rolling in for various Williamson County football players. 

We here at the Home Page have our own set of honors, the WillCo Football Awards. 

We polled a team of our football freelancers (Chip Cirillo, Jake Donovan, Charlie Bateman, Kevin Warner) and combined it with the insight of sports editor Cory Woodroof to determine who our winners are and who makes our All-WillCo Football Team. 

Below are our selections. 

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Ravenwood QB Brian Garcia

Trying to pick a 2019 Player of the Year in Williamson County football was a tough task, just because there were so many good options to choose from. 

Brentwood and Independence quarterbacks Cade Granzow and Ethan Cash both had strong seasons and showed tremendous growth, as did Page's Cade Walker and BGA's Nick Semptimphelter. 

FRA running back Jeffery Vercher broke out with a stellar campaign, as did Summit QB Destin Wade. CPA QB Cade Law helped a midseason turnaround for the Lions to will them to state. 

Ravenwood wideout Andrew Mason tied a state record and his teammate Junior Colson had an outstanding season on the other side of the ball at linebacker.

Summit's Jaylen Herrud was a force at LB as well, and Nolensville DB Tim Coutras won the Mr. Football award. 

But it's Ravenwood quarterback Brian Garcia that is our 2019 WillCo Football Player of the Year. 

His record-breaking season under center for the Raptors was special, as he set school records for passing touchdowns and yards in a career. He's been a steady force for the Raptors ever since he assumed the starting QB position with the team. 

His play has allowed Ravenwood two-straight seasons of semifinal appearances and a state berth this month. He's been the best player in county football this season and worthy of our top player honor. 


  • Brentwood QB Cade Granzow
  • Independence QB Ethan Cash
  • Nolensville DB Tim Coutras
  • FRA RB Jeffery Vercher  
  • Page QB Cade Walker
  • CPA QB Cade Law
  • Summit QB Destin Wade
  • BGA QB Nick Semptimphelter
  • Ravenwood WR Andrew Mason
  • Summit LB Jaylen Herrud
  • Ravenwood LB Junior Colson

Team of the Year: Summit Spartans

The Summit Spartans blew away the expectations may had for them, going undefeated for all of August and September and then mounting an unforgettable playoff run and a semifinals win at home. 

There was so much good going on with the Spartans that it's hard to just pick out one faction to praise, though the emergence of the sophomore Wade twins, QB Destin and RB Keaten, as powerhouse forces in the county certainly helped. 

The team fell short of a state title, but the program is in a wonderful place to repeat their success next year and continue to be a force in 5A. 

Head coach Brian Coleman did a fantastic job building to this point, and he's almost assured to repeat at least some of that success next year as the Wade twins continue to get better. 

Honorable Mentions: Ravenwood, Nolensville, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Brentwood 

Coach of the Year: Ingle Martin, CPA

After an 0-4 start, the Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions rallied for a 4-2 finish to close the year and pushed all the way to a close state championship loss. 

It's hard to do that in any conference, much less a competitive, unforgiving D-II AA. But Martin's Lions almost ended in the same spot as its undefeated 2018 squad, and that's quite an accomplishment for Martin, his staff and his players. 

Honorable Mentions: Summit's Brian Coleman, Nolensville's Paul Derrick, Ravenwood's Matt Daniels, Brentwood's Ron Crawford, Lipscomb Academy's Trent Dilfer 

Offensive Player of the Year: Ravenwood WR Andrew Mason

It's not every season a Williamson County football player ties a new state record. 

But that's what Ravenwood receiver Andrew Mason did during the Raptors' epic back-and-forth with unorthodox outfit Pulaski Academy in September. 

Mason tied the record for touchdowns in a Tennessee high school football game with seven, an unreal feat for the senior, set to head to Rice next fall for his college football career. 

He had an outstanding season as a whole, helping Ravenwood's high-powered offense stay afloat throughout the season. 

Honorable Mentions: Brentwood QB Cade Granzow, Indy QB Ethan Cash, Summit QB Destin Wade, Page QB Cade Walker, FRA RB Jeffery Vercher

Defensive Player of the Year: Nolensville DB Tim Coutras 

Coutras had a trailblazing senior campaign for the Knights, all while playing at a new position in the defensive backfield. 

He was heavily relied on for communication on the back end of the Nolensville defense and was a leader in the locker room. He also contributed in a major way on offense as one of QB Ryder Galardi's favorite targets. 

He was also the first Williamson County football player in a few years to take home the Mr. Football honor. He was recognized in Class 4A for his accomplishments. He's off to play at Liberty next fall. 

Honorable Mentions: Ravenwood LB Junior Colson, Summit LB Jaylen Herrud, Ravenwood DE Reggie Grimes II, BGA DB Antonio Stevens, Brentwood LB Xiere Howard 

2019 All-WillCo Football Team (8-person limit in each group, unless exception) 


QB: Ravenwood’s Brian Garcia, Brentwood’s Cade Granzow, Independence’s Ethan Cash, Page’s Cade Walker, Summit’s Destin Wade, CPA's Cade Law, Nolensville’s Ryder Galardi, FRA's Sean Casey

RB: FRA's Jeffery Vercher, Summit’s Keaten Wade, Ravenwood’s Tony Rice, Nolensville's Ryan Pistulka, Franklin's Guy Lipscomb, Fairview’s Logan Nardozzi, BGA's Kaleb Seay, Lipscomb Academy's Jaden Lyles

WR: Ravenwood’s Andrew Mason, Brentwood’s Walker Merrill, Lipscomb Academy’s Kyle McNamara, CPA’s Maverick Rodriguez, Summit’s George Odimegwu, Indy’s Chayce Bishop & Brigham Morrical, FRA's Kingston Gardner, Ravenwood's Shane Craig 

OL: Ravenwood's Graham Barton & Gabe Sleenhof, Brentwood's Stone Roston, Page's Joel Meier, Indy's Carter Runnion, Franklin's Fisher Anderson, CPA's Jarrett Matthews, FRA's Josiah Jackson 

TE: Ravenwood’s Jake Briningstool, Lipscomb Academy's Houston High, CPA's Josh Roper, Brentwood's Austin Spradlin

DL: Ravenwood's Reggie Grimes, Ravenwood's Bryan Rice, Ravenwood's Myles Dawson, Nolensville's Dan Rickert, Nolensville's C.J. Ware IV, Indy's Caleb Lanford, Summit's Kiston Arnold, Page's Max Van Landingham

LB: Ravenwood's Junior Colson, Brentwood's Xiere Howard, Summit's Jaylen Herrud, Ravenwood's Avery Miller, Ravenwood's Jordan Smith, CPA's Langston Patterson, Lipscomb Academy's Nicholas Paschall, FRA's Jacob Jackson

DB: Nolensville's Tim Coutras, BGA's Antonio Stevens, BGA's Garnett Hollis Jr., BGA's Briston Bennett, Fairview's Bryce Fannin, Brentwood's John Howse IV, Ravenwood's Ben Severeance, Summit's Brady Pierce 

STs: Ravenwood K Luke Akers, Brentwood Academy K Paxton Perry, Nolensville K Luke Jenkins, Franklin P Ian Burr, Fairview K Skyler Wilson, Page K Chase Tidmore, Nolensville P Nick Beattie, Brentwood K Thomas Day

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