It's been an exciting season in 2019-20 Williamson County girls basketball, complete with stunning streaks, nail-biting contests, excellent performances and tons of playoff excitement. 

Some teams, like Brentwood, Brentwood Academy, Page and Nolensville, are still trying to push for a chance at a state title. 

Others, like Independence and Fairview, have seen resurgent years after recent struggles. 

Christ Presbyterian Academy kept on with its strong play, and Grace Christian Academy got used to a move up to D-II competition. 

How do our awards rank out as the season nears its close? 

PLAYERS OF THE YEARS: Brentwood's Amelia Osgood, Delaney Trushel, Emily Trushel 

Trying to identify the best players in Williamson County was and wasn't an easy task this year. 

In one respect, narrowing down a list of 12 finalists was a difficult thing to do, particularly with so many worthy student-athletes in the county who excelled on the court this season. As is true with all awards, not making a finalist list for one award does not mean that student-athlete didn't have a wonderful season. 

For the Players of the Year, we had to go with the big three at Brentwood: junior Amelia Osgood and seniors Delaney and Emily Trushel. 

The Brentwood Lady Bruins won 25 straight games before losing at the buzzer to an excellent Page team in the district finals, and that's large in part to the lights-out shooting from the three Players of the Year.

They also avenged that loss to take the region title; there's not a lot this team can't do. 

Osgood is a phenom who will only get better as she moves on in her high school and is all-but-assured a chance to play at the next level. Her shooting is nearly unparalleled in the county, but it's the consistent motor and stout defense that really compliments her game. Her status as a junior will help keep Brentwood competitive after the Trushels graduate in May. 

Speaking of the Trushels, the twins have been stalwarts of the Brentwood girls basketball program for quite some time now. Delaney Trushel was the 11-AAA district MVP this past year and could go off for 20-25 points on any given night. Though she was not the MVP, you could say the same thing about Emily Trushel. They are dynamic scorers and their senior experience has played a factor for this team on the court, and surely off of it as well. 

Brentwood approaches its home play-in game for the state tournament, and they've got a grand chance to reach MTSU. It's in large part thanks to these three girls. That's why they are our Players of the Year. 

Finalists: Ravenwood's Lexi Erickson, Brenwood Academy's Maggie Brown, Nolensville's Grace Baird, Centennial's Sheraton Foster, CPA's Carrington Washburn, GCA's Anan Smith, Page's Lili Wilken, Franklin's Kate O'Neil, Franklin Road Academy's Zharia Hutchinson 

Coach of the Year: Brentwood's Myles Thrash

It's no small coaching feat to win 25 straight games. Thrash is in his best year at the helm of the Lady Bruins yet, coaching the team to be a juggernaut in the county and one with state potential. 

The development of Osgood has been inspired, as has the healthy rotations he puts on the floor to take the pressure of the "Big 3" from having to do everything themselves. 

Perhaps his most laudable moment was rallying the team in its heartbreaking district loss to get right back into rhythm in the region quarterfinals and semifinals. That rebound ended with a region title and sub-state game at home. He was named the 11-AAA district Coach of the Year by his peers.

Thrash's accomplishments this season earn him our Coach of the Year honor. 

Finalists: Nolensville's Chris Ladd, Independence's Bryan Glasner, Page's Ron Brock, CPA's Becky LeGate, Fairview's Wayne McGowan, Brentwood Academy's Rhonda Brown, Summit's John Wild 

Rising Star of the Year: Independence's Jailyn Banks 

All-WillCo Team

Brentwood High School

  • Amelia Osgood
  • Emily Trushel
  • Delaney Trushel
  • Kate Workman
  • Chloe Wampler 

Ravenwood High School

  • Lexi Erickson
  • Reghan Grimes
  • Chazmin Brown 

Independence High School

  • Jailyn Banks
  • Kayla Miller
  • Lindsey Freeman
  • Amy Tang 
  • A.K. Davis 

Centennial High School

  • Sheraton Foster 
  • Tyra Petway 

Franklin High School

  • Kate O'Neil 
  • Bergen Allee

Fairview High School

  • Kelsey Gossage
  • Kendall Spicer 

Nolensville High School

  • Grace Baird
  • Parker Leftwich
  • Zoe Piller
  • Sydney Mickulin
  • Caymin Ladd 

Page High School 

  • Lili Wilken
  • Mckenzie Cochran
  • Delaney Noe
  • Olivia Wilson 
  • Abigail Ward

Summit High School

  • Marli Anderson
  • Taylor Penning 

Spring Hill High School

  • Prairie Stedman
  • Ricole Alderson 

Brentwood Academy 

  • Maggie Brown
  • Blair Schoenwald
  • Millie Brown
  • Caroline Clemmer 
  • Jaila Lee

Christ Presbyterian Academy 

  • Carrington Washburn
  • Emmaline Bartlett
  • Carley Smith
  • Susannah Matthews
  • Virginia Glisson 

Franklin Road Academy

  • Zharia Hutchinson
  • Ryan Pierce 
  • Macie Medes 
  • Iris Heldman 

Battle Ground Academy 

  • Graci Semptimphelter 
  • Kearsten Seay

Grace Christian Academy 

  • Anna Smith 
  • Audrey Sanders 
  • Raychel Calvert 

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