Pfizer vaccine ages 5-11

The Williamson County Health Department is expecting to begin offering the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 next week.

According to the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, the lower-dose vaccines are expected to arrive by Monday, Nov. 8.

This follows the recent FDA approval and CDC recommendation for the two-dose shot in order to help prevent the spread and severity of the virus that has infected 189,000 known people aged 11-20 and 100,000 for children five and since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic.

Last week the FDA reported that 39 percent of COVID-19 cases involving people under 18 years old are children aged 5-11, with approximately 8,300 cases in that age range having resulted in hospitalization and 146 deaths nationally. 

"While young children often have milder illness than adults, outbreaks in this age group are common, can disrupt home and family life, and can lead to spread in the general community, including those at high risk of severe disease," a Tennessee Department of Health news release reads.

While vaccine supplies have not yet reached all of the public and private healthcare providers in the state, TDH is recommending that parents use for availability in their area, and or call their local health department to check availability and schedule an appointment.