Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson 2022

Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson

Williamson County headed back to the polls Thursday for a general election, and Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson is breathing a sigh of relief. 

Johnson, vying for District 27 that covers some of the county, held off a challenge from Tennessee Stands founder Gary Humble 12,470-11,683 in the unofficial tally for the Republican nomination.

The victory will return Johnson to another term to lead the state senate with no Democratic challenger ahead in November. 

Humble, a further-right alternative to Johnson's established presence, was noted critic of Gov. Bill Lee's pandemic response and led protests during the heights of said pandemic to eliminate COVID restrictions.

The governor, Senator Marsha Blackburn and other top state Republicans gave Johnson their endorsement, but Humble courted support from known figures like finance radio host Dave Ramsey and former Nashville Predator Mike Fisher. 

Now, Johnson will return to lead the state senate after a close push from Humble, one that came down to three percentage points (49 percent to 46) and saw Johnson win less than 50 percent of the vote. 

House primaries favor Bulso, McCalmon, more 

In District 61 where Rep. Brandon Ogles is stepping away, Brentwood lawyer Gino Bulso claimed the Republican nomination over military veteran and businessman Bob Ravener 5,162-3,238 in the unofficial results.

Bulso and Ravener's race came with some heated back-and-forth over which candidate had more conservative bona fides.

Regardless, it'll be Bulso who represents the Republican Party in the race for Ogles' seat come November. He'll face off against Democratic challenger Steven M. Cervantes.

Incumbent state Rep. Todd Warner held his seat by beating Spring Hill alderman Matt Fitterer to claim the Republican nomination in District 92, with Jeff Ford finishing third. Though, Fitterer won his home county Spring Hill through its slice of the vote. 

Warner has earned heaps of controversy recently, ranging from his involvement in the Dixieland Strategies FBI investigation to campaign violations for illegally placed signs

Warner will square off against Democrat Angela Hughes in the general election come November.

In District 63, formerly held by Glen Casada, unofficial numbers show that Jake McCalmon defeated controversial candidate Laurie Cardoza-Moore 3,122-2,943 for the Republican nomination and probable House seat. James Sloan placed third with 967 votes. 

McCalmon owns Bulldog Martial Arts in Franklin. Cardoza-Moore, who has previously served on the state's textbook commission, had come under fire in the past for anti-Muslim views and her role in spreading false information about the 2020 election, among other critiques. 

McCalmon will face Democrat Kisha Davis in November. 

In District 65, Rep. Sam Whitson ran unopposed for the Republican nomination and is on track to be re-elected in November with no Democratic challenger. 

Williamson favors Ogles for District 5 House nomination

With Maury County mayor Andy Ogles winning the House of Representatives District 5 Republican field, Williamson's slice of the vote showed residents favoring the victor. 

Ogles earned 6,832 votes for the nomination over candidates like Beth Harwell (4,079) and Kurt Winstead (3,492). 

He will face off against Democratic challenger Heidi Campbell for a seat in the country's House of Representatives. 

Williamson resident Robby Starbuck, who was booted off the ballot by his own party earlier this year and ran a write-in campaign for District 5, earned 394 votes. He had signs across the county and support from U.S. Senator Rand Paul. 

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Mark Green ran unopposed for District 7 and will run against Democrat Odessa Kelly come November. 

Whidby holds seat as Williamson county clerk

In the county clerk race, Republican Jeff Whidby will retain the position once held by his grandmother Elaine Anderson. He bested Democratic challenger Deborah Campbell Sparks 24,697-9,470 to hold the position.  

Whidby bested the embattled former state representative and House Speaker Casada in the Republican primary in May. 

Williamson commission fields all Republicans victors 

The county commission earned a new set of commissioners as well in Thursday's vote tally. Republicans won all eligible seats. 

In District 1, Republicans Ricky D. Jones and Lisa Lenox were victorious over Democrat LaRhonda Williams. 

In District 3, Republicans Jeff Graves and Jennifer Moore Mason topped Democrat Matt Harakas and independent Daniel Jordan for the two seats. 

In District 4, Republicans Gregg B. Lawrence and Pete Stresser earned nods over independent Tom Atema Jr. 

In District 5, Republicans Greg Sanford and Mary Smith overcame challenges from independents Michael Gallick and Evan Bledsoe.

In District 10, Republicans Meghan Guffee and David Landrum earned seats over Democratic challengers Courtenay Rogers and Kenneth Townsend. 

In District 11, Republicans Sean R. Aiello and Brian Beathard topped Democrat Johnna D. Carter-Haynes for the two available seats. 

In District 12, Republicans Brian Clifford and Steve Smith bested Democrat Erin Crawford for the two commissioner seats. 

Though, in District 2, Republicans Judy Lynch Herbert and Elizabeth C. "Betsy" Hester ran unopposed, as did fellow Republicans Erin Nations Paul L. Webb (District 6) Bert Chalfant (District 7), Tom Tunnicliffe (District 7), Barb Sturgeon (District 8), Drew Torres (District 8), Chas Morton (District 9) and Matt Williams (District 9).

Expected results for Williamson mayor, sherriff, governor primaries 

No surprises were found in the county's races for mayor, sheriff and in the gubernatorial primaries. 

Williamson County mayor Rogers Anderson will hold his position over independent challenger Stephen "Coach" Done, while Williamson County Sheriff Dusty Rhoades ran unopposed for another term. 

Gov. Lee didn't have any challengers in the Republican primary, while Dr. Jason Martin seems to have defeated J.B. Smiley Jr. and Carnita Faye Atwater to claim the Democratic nomination for governor. He also won the lion's share of votes in Williamson. 

Lee and Martin should face off in November, with the former expected to win a second term. 

Other elected officials confirmed for positions 

Below are other Williamson County elected officials who ran unopposed and were confirmed for their positions in Thursday's tally. 

  • Judge Joseph "Woody" Woodruff, Circuit Court Div. I, District 21
  • Judge Deana C. Hood, Circuit Court Div. II, District 21
  • Judge Michael W. Binkley, Circuit Court Div. III, District 21
  • Judge Deanna Bell Johnson, Circuit Court Div. IV, District 21
  • Williamson County District Attorney Kim Helper
  • Williamson County Public Defender Greg Burlison 
  • County Trustee Karen Paris
  • Judge Denise Andre, General Sessions, Part I
  • Judge Tom Taylor, General Sessions, Part II
  • Judge Sharon Guffee, Juvenile Court 
  • Debbie McMillin Barrett, Circuit Court Clerk
  • Margaret Gurley Mahew, Juvenile Court Clerk
  • Sherry Anderson, Register of Deeds
  • Judge Shannon L. Crutcher, Municipal Court, City of Fairview
  • Gina Mangrum, Municipal Court Clerk, City of Fairview