Conservative political action committee Williamson Families has rescinded its endorsement of juvenile judge candidate Connie Reguli following her conviction in a Williamson County court on Wednesday, and are also calling on her to withdraw from the race.
The PAC made the statement in a social media post on Thursday afternoon which can be read in full below.
Williamson Families Facebook Connie Reguli
As previously reported, Reguli was charged and convicted of facilitating custodial interference and two counts of accessory after the fact — one for harboring and one for aiding a wanted mother and daughter in a 2018 missing child case that led police to her home.
She will be sentenced on June 24 for the misdemeanor and two Class E felonies which could result in one to two years in prison or a suspended probationary sentence.
She could also be disbarred (losing the ability to professionally practice law) and potentially disqualified from serving as a judge.
At the time of the publishing of this story, it’s unclear if either of those will occur as Reguli and her lawyer Paul Walwyn intend to both appeal the ruling and file a motion for a new trial.
Her sentencing hearing will take place after the May 3 primary but before the general election this fall.
Reguli told the Home Page on Thursday that she will not drop out of the race, simply stating about Williamson Families, “they have a right to do what they want."