Crescent City Moon

A Williamson County school teacher has recently had her first book published, with more to follow in what is known as the Crescent City series.

Nola Nash, who teaches English and language arts at Woodland Middle School in Brentwood, is the debut author of the just-released “Crescent City Moon” published by the Pandamoon Publishing firm in Austin, Texas. Described by the publisher as a supernatural, mystery, suspense, thriller novel, the book is available on Amazon.

“I’m so excited to be launching this series and the journey that comes with it,” Nash said in an email. “It’s been such a fun one to share with my students and former students who are cheering me on. And I hope it helps them see that there are so many steps and people involved in getting the books they love into their hands.”

Zara Kramer, publisher at Pandamoon Publishing, provided the following as a summary of the book:

“On the eve of her twenty-first birthday in 1820s New Orleans, Zéolie Cheval discovers the mangled body of her father murdered in his bed. As she struggles to figure out what happened, a maniacal voice settles into the recesses of her mind."

“When the priest sent to comfort Zéolie is killed, unnoticed in a house swarming with police, she is launched into a tangled web of mystery that takes her from the French Quarter, to the Ursuline Convent in the Ninth Ward, and deep into the Louisiana swamps.” 

“Zéolie is forced to come to terms with the powers she has inherited from her grandmother and the price that comes with them. After opening the family crypt to find it empty, she discovers the voice haunting her is her own mother, Solène, whose death her father lied about for all of Zoelie’s life. She must harness her powers to face the ruthless Solène, while shielding an officer she loves from the madwoman or die trying.”

Nash holds a master’s in education, and in addition to her role as an English teacher, co-directs school play and musicals. She is also a certified Teacher Consultant for the Middle Tennessee Writing Project. 

“The Crescent City series is a welcome addition to Pandamoon Publishing’s growing catalog of historical mystery suspense thrillers, including The Teratologist series by Ward Parker, also the author of the Zeke Adams series,” Kramer said in a press release.

Pandamoon Publishing focuses on publishing quality and unique fiction works and distributes them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Ingram, as well as other book distributors and bookstores worldwide, including Powell's and Books-A-Million. 

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