Amanda Haggard high res

I’ve been very lucky during this pandemic. My family is safe and healthy so far. My husband is a stay-at-home parent — was before all of this — and my toddler is too young to ask any real questions about why we’re all at home.

My main job, aside from helping my husband keep our daughter happy and occupied, is making sure people in Williamson County have a reliable news source. This was, of course, my job before the pandemic. But it feels more important than ever in the current moment.

In just the past week, you’ve read a lot of our stories. When the wedding businesses and the brides and grooms they work with are suffering, we know that you care what’s happening to them. When therapists are having a tough time figuring out how to legally and safely serve their patients, it affects you and your neighbors. When unemployment numbers surge after layoffs, we absolutely know you’re concerned.

I had plans to ask you to become part of our Home Page Community membership program at the end of April because I knew even before the pandemic that you cared deeply for your neighborhoods, cities and county.

We've moved that timeline up to help with the dip in revenue that most newspapers across the country are facing. The people of Williamson County have rallied together to put their care for the community into action. It's been encouraging to see so many people be concerned about their neighbors and the place they call home. We want to continue to do our part to further that communal goodwill through our reporting, and you can play an active role in that by joining our Home Page Community as a member.

You’ve shown us that you care by reading our stories, sending us tips through email and asking us questions about our work. You comment on our stories on Facebook, leave us voicemails when you feel we should know more about a topic and you email us when you think we’ve done a good job. A huge thank you goes out to the 185 people who joined the Home Page Community in the past week.

Whether you are able to join today or not, I'll still be here, editing and writing stories (taking breaks to be with my daughter, of course) and thinking about how best to bring quality journalism to our county.

I'm asking you now to become a member today because I've seen how much you care about your community. Please click here to join us.