The 2020 Yule Ball took over the John P. Holt Brentwood Library on Saturday night for a night of magic, robes and fundraising of $1,200 for Gentry’s Educational Foundation. 

The annual Harry Potter themed event was organized by the library’s Harry Potter Alliance, The Chamber of Knowledge, and saw around 130 attendees for a night of dancing, Harry Potter themed food, a photo booth and the Tri-Band Tournament and the Art Tournament.

According to The Chamber of Knowledge’s website, HPA encourages millions of fans to improve the global community through social activism, activism that this year supported Gentry's Educational Foundation in Franklin by raising and donating $1,200 to the foundation. 

According their official Facebook page, Gentry’s Educational Foundation is a grassroots movement created to offer the opportunity to enrich their lives through education and mentoring.  

"Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us raise $1,200,” HPA President Sydney Dooley-Smith said in an email. “I think it is important for people to volunteer because you never know what others are experiencing until you get involved and see it yourself. I'm so thankful to partner with Gentry's Education Foundation and make a difference."  

Gentry's Educational Foundation's Assistant Director Erin Lefkovitz said in a phone call that the money will go to paying more tutors in both reading and math.

"We are just so touched that they chose us and it's going to help a lot of kids and we are just so thankful," Lefkovitz said.

The night’s Tri-Band Tournament saw the Brentwood band Full Stack win first place and were awarded the spot as the opening act for the city’s May 31 Summer Concert in Crockett Park.

"All of the performers were very talented and would have been great choices to open the Summer Concert Series,” Dooley-Smith said. “From the moment they started, Full Stack electrified the crowd and we can't wait to see them on the big stage on May 31!" 

Full Stack members include Andrew Byers, Sam Dixon, Riley Trauscht, and Jake Rosen, and other winners include Ali Mullendore who won second place while Buchanan Street Blues won third place in the tournament.

The Art Tournament awarded 16-year-old Haley Johnson $100 for her Grand Prize piece, while Lily Paris won High School Art, Piper Allison won Middle School Art and Quinn Lefkovitz won in the Elementary Art category.

"I am so thankful to Deanna Lambert and the City of Brentwood for their support, the Friends of the Brentwood Library for funding our expenses so that all proceeds go to our charity, and Susan Earl and the library staff for supporting all of our activities,” Dooley-Smith said.

The teen leadership of HPA is made up of Dooley-Smith, Vice President Lucy Duddy, Secretary Grace Dawson and  Social Media Chair Regan Enderle.

More information about the HPA Chamber of Knowledge, including membership which is open to muggles and wizards alike aged 6-106, can be found here.

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