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A Brentwood holding company for a number of sports-related manufacturing companies has bought the maker of ORCA coolers and other accessories.

Terms of the deal by MacNeill Pride Group for Nashville-based Outdoor Recreation Company of America are not being disclosed. The acquisition expands MacNeill Pride’s a range of premium coolers, drinkware and other products to go with its lineup of cleats, studs, spikes , golf tees, cigar tips and more. In a statement, ORCA officials said their company has grown from about 10 people to more than 100 in the past year as it brought assembly in house and grew its licensing portfolio.
“The acquisition of ORCA is a natural addition to our company as we continue to expand into new, yet complementary, markets,” said Joe Zeller, CEO of MacNeill Pride. “This as an attractive opportunity to extend into the lifestyle product market where we have strong existing relationships with sporting goods retailers — both in the U.S. and abroad — that will be beneficial to increasing distribution and sales of ORCA products.”
ORCA was founded in 2012 and now holds licenses with more than 80 NCAA teams, all NFL and MLB teams and 30 of 31 NHL teams. Founder Cliff Walker said Monday his team will be able to benefit from MacNeill Pride’s global retail reach.

The deal for ORCA comes almost three years after MacNeill Pride was born from the union of locally based PrideSports and MacNeill Engineering, the Massachusetts-based parent of the Champ brand of spikes. With the addition of ORCA, the company now has about 400 employees.


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