Spirit Airlines recently announced it would move its headquarters in South Florida, but that was unrelated to the search for a location for the operations control center. 

Sprit Airline’s recent decision to move its operations control center from Florida to Tennessee was independent from the company’s decision to move its headquarters across town in South Florida.  

Last fall, Spirit announced that it would build a new 500,000 square foot headquarters building in Dania Beach, about a 30 minute drive from the company’s current headquarters in Miramar.

Erik Hofmeyer, a representative for Spirit, wrote in an email that the company considered alternative locations for the headquarters, but ultimately decided to stay in Florida.

Spirit considered Dallas and other locations as an alternative location for the headquarters. The company didn’t mention whether the Nashville area was in the running. 

Spirit has been headquartered in South Florida for two decades and the new building will be located minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale airport, which is the company’s biggest airport operation.

Despite the timing, Hofmeyer said the decision to move the operations control center to Tennessee was independent from the decision to keep the headquarters in Florida. 

Among other things, Williamson County is better protected from hurricanes than South Florida, which will help Spirit keep operating smoothly through hurricane season.

Spirt announced that it would move the operations control center to Williamson County on Thursday, an economic development project that Williamson Inc. called Operation Mayflower. 

The company has invited 240 from the control center in Florida to make the move and plans on hiring additional staff in coming years.

Spirit announced that it will move into a 49,000-square-foot facility somewhere in Tennessee. The company is still in negotiations for that facility and wouldn’t reveal the location.

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