Nashville-based health care technology company emids has boosted its user experience and design capabilities with an acquisition of India-based Quovantis Technologies. 

Quovantis is a 300-person team of engineers, designers and software architects that offer UX design and software development specializing in consumer-focused digital solutions for web, mobile and wearables, according to a press release. In addition to health care, the company also works in human resources, marketing and ed tech industries. 

The deal comes two months after emids purchased Macademian, a Canada-based software engineering venture that also focuses on design and development, and builds on the company’s data science, engineering and business strategy sectors. 

“The addition of Quovantis now gives us permission to say, let us sit down with you to think about the problem you're trying to solve for, let's help you build, test and iterate that solution, and let's see it all the way through with you and help figure out how to scale it for the enterprise,” emids Chief Technology Officer Kumar Kolin said in the release. “This puts emids on the map as a top-tier product development partner, capable of the design, build and large-scale commercialization of novel digital ideas and technologies.”

Quovantis has previously applied its design-led engineering approach to Nashville-based health data and artificial intelligence firm Xsolis, which offers platform that manages patient data between payers and health care providers. 

With the acquisition, emids, who is based in Franklin, now employs nearly 2,500 people globally. Terms of the deal were not released. 

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