Lee Jestings, Enexor BioEnergy Founder and CEO, with the new miniature power plant at the Franklin,TN headquarters.

Franklin-based Enexor BioEnergy announced today that it was picked to participate in a project with Halliburton Labs that brings together entrepreneurs, academics and investors to attempt to create cleaner, more affordable energy. 

Enexor BioEnergy, which is one of three companies Halliburton Labs selected, makes a "bioenergy system converts almost any organic, plastic or biomass waste in any combination into affordable, renewable power and thermal energy," according to the company.

“We are seeing tremendous inbound customer demand for Enexor’s renewable energy solution from across the world,” said Lee Jestings, founder and CEO of Enexor BioEnergy. 

Enexor's system can be quickly rolled out, the company says, and they say it's also a "unique Energy-as-a-Service business model enables immediate customer cost savings and greater environmental sustainability."

Enexor was established in 2016 and is the only company in the Southeast joining the project with Halliburton Labs. Enexor’s product, the Bio-CHP system, is expected to go to market in the spring, with the first installations projected in Q2 of 2021.

“Halliburton Labs is dedicated to advancing clean energy technology by accelerating the growth of innovative, early-stage companies,” said Dale Winger, managing director of Halliburton Labs. 

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