The owners of the 2-year-old Sweethaven frozen yogurt and ice cream shop in Westhaven will be expanding their business in mid-August with the opening of a new location in downtown Franklin.

It’s set to go in the same building on East Main Street where the Baskin-Robbins had served ice cream and frozen cakes for decades before recently closing. Sweethaven co-owner Katie Britt said she and her husband, Eric, are sensitive to how special the small shop was to longtime residents of Franklin.

“I know it pulls on the heartstrings of a lot of original Franklin families because it’s such an iconic spot,” she said. “But we’re just excited to carry on that legacy. We try to be really sensitive to that because we truly understand and respect what Franklin was, and we hope to continue keeping it that way.”

Sweethaven treat

The Britts have become established in Westhaven with their original Sweethaven, which opened in July 2020. They came to Franklin with their three children in 2019 from Washington, making their way here in an Airstream and visiting national parks all across the western U.S.

Both have business backgrounds, and their entrepreneurial spirits were lifted not long after moving to Westhaven and realizing the community could use a frozen treat spot.

“The Westhaven community really rallied around us,” Katie said, “and actually the support we got from others areas and the city of Franklin was great from the start.”

Of course, the downtown Franklin location will give the Britts the opportunity to see customers from far and wide in the form of tourists. Katie said they’re looking forward to how guests to their shops will differ in each location.

“Even though they’re so close to each other, the clientele will be really different,” she said. “We love seeing our regulars at the Westhaven location, and being downtown will introduce us to a lot of new faces.

“The new location is wonderful,” Katie added. “There’s not a lot of availability [throughout downtown Franklin], especially for the size we were needing. There couldn’t have been a better situation, just the fact it had been an ice cream shop and had the footprint we were looking for. It was just meant to be.”

Visit the Sweethaven website to see all the types and flavors of treats as well as information on special events and offers available.