Shepherd, a mobile platform that founders claim enables family caregivers to manage their own health and the care of their loved one, will be joining the Jumpstart Foundry’s first cohort of 2022, per a release. 

Shepherd joins 17 other healthcare startups that say they are "working to bring innovative solutions to meet the many challenges faced by patients, caregivers and providers."

“As we sit more than two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for innovation in healthcare has never been more urgently, “said Doug Edwards, Jumpstart Foundry’s Interim Managing Director and Jumpstart Health Investors CEO. “Each of these companies represents strong diversity, passionate founders and teams, and evidence that the movement for better healthcare in America is coming.”

Shepherd was founded by longtime Williamson County residents, Bill Martin and Rick Wiseman. While both founders have extensive work history in healthcare, senior care, and technology, they say it was their personal experiences, as caregivers to their own parents, that drove them to create Shepherd.

Martin, who also founded, has talked with hundreds of struggling family caregivers about the challenges they face every day.

“We built Shepherd to provide the comprehensive set of tools and resources we know family caregivers need to not only care for their loved ones, but to ensure their own health and quality of life is maintained,” explained Martin. “Shepherd provides caregivers with a single platform for storing and accessing critical documents, effectively communicating with the care team and other family members, monitoring health vitals and managing prescriptions and coordinating the multitude of appointments and activities.”

“There are over 42 million unpaid caregivers of adults aged 65+ in the United States. The burden of caregiving increases stress, negatively impacts health and disrupts the regular rhythms of a caregiver’s life," added Wiseman. “The many medical, financial and legal issues associated with caregiving are of particular concern.”

Shepherd anticipates launching their platform in August.

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