Jason Rose is the CEO of AdhereHealth.

The Franklin company AdhereHealth, which aims to help patients correctly use their medications, has opened a new pharmacy delivery facility in Arizona and recently formed a partnership with the University of Tennessee’s pharmacy college to address the coronavirus pandemic.

AdhereHealth analyzes data from health care plans to identify people who may have trouble appropriately using their medications. That could be because of patients can’t afford drugs, don’t understand them or because of a doctor’s error. AdhereHealth clinicians call patients to help fix the problem.

The coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated many of the factors that put people at risk for incorrectly using medication. Millions of people have lost jobs, making it harder to buy drugs, and others are hesitant to leave the house to get needed medical care or refill prescriptions.

The effects of the new coronavirus are also much more severe in people with underlying conditions. More than 90% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 have at least one underlying health condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

In July, AdhereHealth announced a partnership with the University of Tennessee health Science Center College of Pharmacy to keep underserved communities healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student pharmacists will reach out virtually to low-income, elderly, disabled and high-risk patients with chronic disorders, connecting them with resources they need to access health care and drugs.

In addition to counseling patients about how to use their drugs, AdhereHealth can also deliver drugs directly to customers through its courier pharmacy. The company recently opened a high tech pharmacy delivery facility in Gilbert, Ariz., which will serve people on the West Coast.

The pharmacy is for delivery only, but the facility is equipped with robots, video cameras and other contactless technology.

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