7175 Nolensville Rd

The plan proposed for the Greenbrook South project has been amended to replace what would have been single-family homes with townhomes.

The Planning Commission approved the original site plan for Greenbrook South on May 12, 2020. That approved version expected the construction of 62 detached, single-family homes, but the amended version replaces 26 of those on its plan with 42 single-family, attached townhomes. The townhomes, however, will still come with garages, though each will be for one car.

The single-family homes originally proposed would have come complete with two-car garages. The plan also slated the property for a multi-tenant building on Nolensville Road, spanning 13,000 square feet across two stories. This increases the total number of units from 62 to 78. 

The entire development plan has and will retain 13,000 square feet of retail space in total. The latest changes to the plan give it 42 townhomes and 36 detached, single-family homes.

The development’s structures are designed by Franklin-based architecture firm, 906 Studio Architects. The project itself comes from Nolensville-local contractor Grandview Eight, LLC. Engineering, planning and surveying firm Anderson, Delk, Epps and Associates is also rendering services for the job. The project’s inception dates back to the start of the pandemic.

Greenbrook South is one of several developments to come with access to Nolensville Rd., the bustling and growing pipeline to Metro Nashville. The corridor is seeing extensive growth with young retail centers like Brittain Plaza and Hillside Center still filling out occupancy and infrastructure work in several spots along Nolensville Rd., including further north to broaden the way for ingress and egress of Nashville.