Harpeth Hotel courtyard

The courtyard of the Harpeth Hotel

The much-anticipated opening of the Harpeth Hotel in downtown Franklin is scheduled for the latter part of November, as are other parts of the Harpeth Square mixed-use project that got underway with construction two years ago.

In addition to the completion of the hotel, which is being developed by Valor Hospitality of Atlanta, the first 25 units of the 150 for-lease residences will be available for move-in around late November as well, with all residential units being completed within the first few months of 2020. The garage will also be open for public use in the latter part of November.

Retail and office tenants will begin the build-out of their spaces in December, with expected openings as soon as 90 days later. Renovation of 198 East Main St., the Landmark Bank building, has begun and should also be complete in 90 days. The entire project, including the streetscape program, and attendant changes, should be finished by the first quarter of 2020.

Harpeth Associates made the announcement through a press release it sent Tuesday. The Harpeth Square project consists of The Harpeth, a 119-room Curio collection hotel by Hilton, 150 residences for lease, a 591-space parking garage, and two existing office buildings. 

“We are very pleased that we are nearing completion of our project — a significant addition to downtown Franklin,” J. Roderick Heller, chairman and CEO of Harpeth Associates, said in the release. “The project has been over seven years in the making, beginning in September 2012 when Kay (his wife) and I bought the first of the 10 lots we ultimately acquired. 

“We announced our plans for the project to the community in a public meeting in July 2013, and construction began in October 2017. Although construction has taken longer than we initially expected, we are very pleased with what appears to be the final product. We believe that the quality objectives that we consistently emphasized have been realized, and that all project components will add to the experience of living, working and dining in Franklin.”

Steve Bacon, chief operating officer of Harpeth, said that there would be no formal opening ceremony at this time for the apartments, but that there would be a public open house in the late winter or early spring, when the entire project is complete. He also reported that Valor Hospitality, which will be operating the hotel, anticipates a “soft” opening and a possible celebratory program at a later time.

Heller, Bacon and Russ Haynes, chief financial officer of Harpeth, joined in thanking the community of Franklin and the city’s government and civic leaders for their role and patience over the years of project development and construction. 

“None of this could have happened without the support of the city government and community,” Heller said. “This is a big and complex project, which required the participation of large numbers of people, and the patience of friends and neighbors who had to endure all our construction activities.

The city could not have been more supportive, even within the rigors of the city codes; we are very appreciative of the professionalism of our city leadership and staff. Equally, we are grateful for our investors, some of whom invested as early as 2012. To all, we can only say that we are very grateful and we look forward to seeing you at Harpeth Square very soon.”

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