Its Arranged

Cynthia Lindsey and Amy Delaplain recently merged their Franklin-based home organizing businesses.

Late last year, the owners of two Franklin-based home organization businesses started discussing plans to merge into one company.

Cynthia Lindsey had been working in the home organization world for well over a decade and wanted a partner who could share the burden of running a business. Amy Delaplain had started a home organization company about three years ago, and looked forward to parenting with Lindsey because of her experience.

The nature of their business requires them to go into clients’ homes to help them organize their space or move into a new one. By early April, Gov. Bill Lee had issued a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, making it next to impossible for Lindsey and Delaplain to help their clients.

Still, the new partners pushed forward to create a new company called Its Arranged.

“We're not stopping. Just because this happened doesn't mean the world stops and that people stop living,” Lindsey said. “I'm a very optimistic person.”

Its Arranged aims to help people find calm and tranquility in their living spaces, especially during times like a move when things can become chaotic.

The last few months have been very chaotic. People in Middle Tennessee are suddenly spending more time at home, working, cooking and trying to keep kids on track at school.

“They've been forced to confront their items, the things that are in their home. Some people become overwhelmed by that and they don't even know where to state,” Delaplain said. “That's where we can come in and help.”

Unfortunately for the new business, that confrontation hasn’t translated into new business yet. For the last several weeks, clients have been reticent to have people come into their homes, but Lindsey expects that to change.

“I think that it's going to explode soon because people have been so contained,” she said. “We haven't been getting a lot of calls ... but we have been seeing a lot of stuff on the curbs. People are doing some of their own decluttering their own organizing.”

The new partners said they are taking steps to make sure clients feel comfortable, like wearing masks if clients ask. They’re also looking into the possibility of helping people set up a new home office over video calls. Ultimately, though, they said it will simply take time for people to feel comfortable with the service.

In the meantime, the said the slower business has given them the opportunity to focus on integrating the two businesses, and they don’t plan on slowing down.

“It is a holding pattern,” Lindsey said. “For any company, if you keep putting energy into it, eventually it's going to come back to us.”