June Lake

An aerial shot of what is now Alexander Farm, soon to be June Lake.

Progress for the June Lake development has reached another road infrastructure element.

Owner-developer Southeast Venture out of Nashville has the city focused on its latest road issue. The group aims to construct a road spanning from north to south. It is expected to connect phase 1 of the project in the north to Twin Lakes Drive in the south. The company will develop Marston Avenue, a proposed connector running north and south. The thoroughfare will run perpendicular to the proposed June Lake Boulevard. It would connect the June Lake development to Twin Lakes Road.

Buckner Road runs perpendicular to Buckner Lane. The former is already slated for a name change that will designate it June Lake Boulevard. The proposed Marston Avenue, therefore, will run perpendicular to Buckner Road en route to Twin Lakes Road from the site of a significant part of the June Lake development. The future street will span nearly five acres, currently planned for 89 on-street parking spaces with another 123 such spaces to be designated in phase-two development.

Southeast Venture has planning and engineering services coming from CSDG, a Nashville-based landscape architecture firm. The team broke ground this time last year, and the first phase builds for the residential component of the 775-acre, mixed-use project creep as far south as Twin Lakes. The Tudor Homes contingent of those residential builds is mapped for Twin Lakes property, which is south of Buckner Road opposite phase one, pod C of the project. 

Tudor Homes — a local, three-year-old firm — is slated to develop seven acres for this initial phase with 28 single-family homes. David Tudor, owner of the company, is the operations manager for Builder Supply Source, LLC. His firm’s contribution to the June Lake development extends to what will be the junction of the proposed Marston Avenue and the preexisting Twin Lakes Drive.