Evan Hart - Hart Development (Spring Hill)

Evan Hart

After two years as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Spring Hill resident Evan Hart locally established Hart Development in December and has recently been licensed to proceed.

Permitted last month, Hart Development has been a dream of Hart’s for a long time, and it appears to have been more or less encoded into his DNA as he is a third-generation contractor — the previous generations having operated and lived in Florida.

“It’s a family-owned company that I’ve always dreamed of starting,” Hart told Williamson Home Page. “We do all things concrete and fences.”

The healthy background of construction work experience in multiple positions has provided Hart with the experience necessary to venture out on his own and make his entrepreneurial foray back into the workforce after his stint in law enforcement. He told Home Page that he started Hart Development immediately after leaving the Bureau.

Prior to his full-time service in the FBI — which began months before the 2020 quarantine went into effect — Hart served as superintendent at Turner Construction Company for a year. During that time, he and his team completed three interior renovation projects on the Vanderbilt University campus, which overhauled cutting-edge research laboratories and is consistent with the frequent services the New York company has often rendered for Vanderbilt since opening its Nashville office in 1975.

Even before working with Turner Construction, Hart operated for almost a year and a half as a project manager for Chicago-based ARCO/Murray which is currently overseeing the expansion of the Magna Seating plant in Spring Hill. For two and a half years before his work with ARCO/Murray, Hart also acted as an estimator for PCL Construction in Orlando.

He resides in the Williamson County segment of Spring Hill with his wife, Kristin, who is a sales enablement manager for Yelp and Oregon-based tech startup, Puppet.