Automotive parts supplier Magna Seating aims to expand the square footage of its seven-year-old Spring Hill plant by more than 70 percent.

The Spring Hill Planning Commission this week fielded a site plan for the addition of 87,500 square feet to the already 122,525-square-foot facility at 701 Beechcroft Road. The property already includes 21.43 acres, and the additional space will be used for industrial warehousing.

“The way this is actually going to function is, there’s one tenant in the building, and they’re just going to take the rest of the building,” said Jim Kirk, a representative from national design contractor ARCO/Murray whose Nashville office is planning the development expansion.

The expansion is partly necessitated by the existing building’s lack of truck parking stalls. The future developed space will provide loading bays for trucks, which stretch from the exterior square footage to the interior.

Minor complications include the city’s requirement that a traffic impact study be conducted to determine how the increase of such large vehicles going to and from the locale will affect not only Beechcroft’s current traffic from cars but future pedestrian traffic since the development will also introduce a sidewalk on Beechcroft along the property line. The traffic study must also consider safety at the intersection of Beechcroft and Cleburne.

ARCO/Murray also aims to match the façade of the expansion with that of the existing structure. The primary building materials for that, however, consist almost entirely of concrete tilt-up panels with metal coping.

Municipal regulations, however, restrict that kind of paneling to a maximal usage of 60 percent of a structure’s build, well below the proposed 98.5 percent. The Design Review Committee on city staff reserves the right to make exceptions at their discretion but recommended that ARCO/Murray reduce the project’s dependency on those panels by finding alternate materials.

The advent of Magna Seating originally came with a $17 million investment and a commitment to bring over 350 jobs. The operation also aimed to establish another 100 direct-hire jobs in the first half of 2019.

The onsite hiring events in 2019 came in response to General Motors ramping up productivity at the time to fill orders for GMC Acadia and Cadillac XT5 crossover SUVs — models whose seats Magna manufactures. Positions were filled at compensation rates between $14.25 and $22.87 for second and third shifts.

Missouri-based NorthPoint Development spearheaded the initial project to establish the plant.