Curtsinger Trust Property

Parcel map outline by town staff

A large property zoned for luxury home development and held in a trust was proposed to be rezoned for commercial development, which the city decided against doing.

Curtsinger Tennessee Community Property Trust holds about 21 acres at located just northeast of the junction of Nolensville Road and Summerlyn Drive. Two buildings already sit on a small part of the property, serving as a residence with the land also seeing agricultural development. On nearly all sides of the property are residential parcels except to the south where The Church at Nolensville sits near a vacant expanse.

The rezoning proposal aimed to allow any of a wide variety of businesses to build onsite. These could range from automotive services to banks, offices or restaurants. The rezone was for the purpose of providing residents with “services needed” like “shopping, dining health care, financial services and civic facilities” according to a letter to the Board of Commissioners from Planning Director Brent Schultz.

The Curtsinger Trust intends to continue using the property for agricultural and residential purposes as it has in the past, yet the proposal referred to that kind of use for this land as “impracticable” for the long term.

“Future development of the southern portion of the Town will necessitate the use of the property for commercial and related purposes,” the letter reads.

Nolensville has entered a contractual agreement with the state Treasury’s Local Programs Development office for work on Nolensville Road, spanning from Sanford Road due south to Summerlyn Drive. The same $800,000 agreement addresses the York Williams Road intersection with Nolensville Road where TDOT is seeing new work to provide right-of-way, traffic control signals and other enhancements.

North from there, the north-south corridor connecting Metro Nashville and Nolensville is seeing considerable development. In separate projects, TDOT is endeavoring to widen the thoroughfare in two phases.

This story has been corrected from a previous version which indicated that the vote was in favor of the rezoning. We have fixed the information herein and sincerely regret the error. - Cory Woodroof, Williamson Home Page editor