Ramsey Conference Center

Ramsey Solutions will start construction on its new conference center in the summer of 2021.

The personal finance advice company Ramsey Solutions hopes to start construction on a conference center at its Franklin headquarters next summer.  

Ramsey Solutions was created by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. The company produces radio shows, podcasts, book and educational materials that teach people how to manage their money. 

CEO Dave Ramsey said he wants the building, which is designed to look like a lantern, to be like the lamp mentioned in Jesus’ sermon on the mount, offering light to others.

“Our new conference center will literally be a light on the hill, which is a true testament to God’s hand guiding us from the very beginning,” Ramsey said, according to a press release.

The 50,000-square-foot conference center will be the third building to go up at the Ramsey Solutions headquarters.

The first building at the corporate headquarters — a 223,000 square foot office with space for up to 1,000 workers — opened its doors in 2019. Ramsey Solutions topped out its second building — a 192,000 square foot building with space for up to 600 employees — in August, and is aiming to complete the project by May 2021

Ramsey Solutions received about $3.3 million in state funds in connection with the two buildings, which required a total capital investment of about $111 million from Ramsey Solutions. The state funds helped Ramsey train new employees and offset some of the costs related to the headquarters expansion.  

The company purchased the 47-acre property where the headquarters now stands in 2015. The plans for the headquarters property also show a proposed third office building and a parking garage. 

The conference center will have a large auditorium with seating for up to 2,350 people, as well as smaller breakout rooms and outdoor recreation area. A trail will connect the conference center to existing buildings. 

The conference center will be used by employees during normal working hours for meetings. It will only be used for conferences after normal working hours or on the weekend, according to planning documents. 

The Nashville firm Gresham Smith is designing the conference center. The firm also designed the other Ramsey headquarters buildings. 

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