As June Lake sees approval for more and more segments of development in Spring Hill, new Nashville-area developer Tudor Building Group broke ground on its own component of June Lake.

The master plan for the 775-acre mixed-use development — as designed by local real estate firm Southeast Venture — added as its latest contractor the three-year-old company launched by David Tudor, the operations manager for Builder Supply Source, LLC. Tudor closed on about seven acres on which to build their first 28 single-family June Lake homes.

“We are extremely excited to be working on this project,” said David Tudor, founder and owner Tudor Building Group. “Spring Hill is an amazing community with so much to offer growing families and new residents of Middle Tennessee. June Lake will be a bright spot in Spring Hill’s history and lead to further improvement of the entire community.”

The project is expected to see construction of the first eight homes complete by the start of summer 2023. Lots are situated in what is now being referred to as the gateway district to Spring Hill for its location relative to the rest of the city as well as its future offerings.

The imminent June Lake master development will bring 2,900 residential units in total, 3.9 million square feet of class-A office space, almost 1.3 million square feet of retail and restaurant space and 400 hotel rooms.

The first phase of development was initially announced on April 22, 2021, beginning with Signature Homes — a Birmingham, Ala., builder founded in 1999 that has steadily added Greater Nashville communities to its market share. Their part of the development is expected to account for 86 of the 775 acres to field 400 single-family homes in total, but with apartment complexes also to come, the rest of the 2,900 units are expected to finish over the course of a projected 20 years.

“We’re thrilled to see Tudor Building Group begin construction on the first homes in June Lake,” said Don Alexander, project manager for Southeast Venture. “These first homes will undoubtedly be indicative of the new, thriving community that we’re creating in Spring Hill over the next 20+ years. Tudor has a great reputation and quality craftsmanship, and we’re excited to see the product he is bringing to June Lake.”

Established in 2018, Tudor Building Group targets the upscale, custom home building segment of Middle Tennessee’s market.

Last week, Spring Hill’s Planning Commission unanimously approved the preliminary plat for another 73 single-family lots on about 22 acres, the planned development of a greenway trail spanning a little over 3,100 feet and the site plan for 10 multi-family buildings on almost 15 acres. The greenway and multi-family buildings’ design come from Nashville-based civil engineering firm Barge Cauthen & Associates.

Southeast Venture, founded in 1981, also said last year that Signature Homes would partner with Smith Gee Studios — a Nashville-based design firm — to blend the architecture.

Founded in 1981, Southeast Venture describes itself as a diversified commercial real estate and design services company that uniquely offers architectural and interior design, brokerage services, development and property management.