Williamson, Inc. inducted the Franklin office of Strategic Financial Partners into the chamber Thursday morning, June 3, 2021.

Nancy Conway, senior vice president of County Chamber community relations, led the ceremony with several chamber ambassadors in attendance. Patti Carroll also attended, representing State Congressman Mark Green’s office.

The Franklin office in Suite 220 employs about 30 people and backs each of its financial advisors with a support staff of certified public accountants, certified financial planners and attorneys. The company at large has about 150 employees throughout Tennessee. Company President Russ VanderSteeg cited sustained growth in the area as one of the primary reasons why they established the new office in Cool Springs.

“Franklin is one of the hottest spots there is, and obviously for our organization, that was really important in terms of making the investment here in this office,” VanderSteeg said.

Strategic Financial Partners cut the ribbon at its relatively new office in the Spaces Mallory building on Mallory Lane in Cool Springs, a product of the branch’s October relocation from elsewhere in the county. The firm is one of several under the namesake limited liability company whose offices litter the state from Nashville to Memphis. Its main office has been headquartered in Franklin since 2001.

Executive Vice President William Bundrant told guests before festivities began that the pandemic delayed the firm actually hosting an event in the new office despite their lease beginning in October. Now that work is being done more in the office as opposed to at home, though, the time proved more fitting for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We’ve been in this space since October, but as you know, with COVID and such, it really didn't present itself as a great time to have a lot of folks in and celebrate with us,” Bundrant remarked.

Strategic Financial provides wealth management services ranging from investments to insurance planning for both individuals and businesses. The company established its presence in Nashville more than 60 years ago.

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