A large technology company opened a new office near Brentwood earlier this month, attracted in part by the many healthcare companies that call the area home.

CDW — a fortune 500 company that provides IT products and services — opened the new office because the number of employees and customers in the area has grown quickly over the last year.

The office is located at 310 Seven Springs Way, off Old Hickory Boulevard near the LifePoint building.

The company has executive and corporate offices in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and in Vernon Hills, suburbs north of Chicago.

Vice President of Healthcare Sales Christine Holloway said the company started hiring sales and technical staff in the Nashville area last year, but they mostly worked remotely.

“Now, we’ve grown to the point where we have so many coworkers and partners and customers that we wanted to make the commitment to the city to literally have an office here,” Holloway said. “It allows us to serve customers in a deeper way.”

In the Nashville area, CDW has many clients in the healthcare industry. The company made a $10,000 donation to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt during the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday.

Lee Ann Benson, the Vice President of Pediatric Network Development and Growth at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, said the hospital is filled with products purchased through CDW.

“From a healthcare sales business there is a large preponderance of health care systems here,” Holloway said.

Outside the healthcare business, CDW also provides IT products and services for corporations with more than 250 employees. Michael Rapplean, the Vice President for the South region, said that part of the business has also done well in Nashville area.

“We have a very strong customer base here that we’ve been serving for a long time,” he said.  

Many of the employees working in the office will be the people who were already working from Tennessee remotely. However, the company still has open positions. CDW has about 5,000 square feet in the building, and might lease more. Holloway said the company wanted to hire as many people as would fit in the space.

With a low unemployment rate, some local companies have struggled to recruit new employees, particularly in technology. Rapplean said having a physical presence in the city should attract new talent because the company’s office culture is one the reasons people want to work there.

“We’re making this investment is to bring that culture to Nashville,” he said. “We believe that by doing that we’ll attract even more and better workers in a market like this.”

With several customers already in place, employees at the new office can hit the ground running. But Rapplean said the company is looking to expand the list of companies it works with.

“We always have our list,” he said. “I promise you we have a list.”


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