In Williamson County, 2019 was a banner year for business and economics.

Williamson Inc. cut ribbons for 76 new businesses in 2019, far outpacing previous years. Unemployment stayed consistently low throughout the year, and a number of companies announced decisions to relocate to Williamson County.

Williamson Inc. CEO Matt Largen expects that 2020 will bring more good business news for Williamson County.

What will be the most exciting business story in 2020?

We are working [on] 42 active projects, which are companies looking to relocate or expand in Williamson County. It is impossible to know when or how these projects will ultimately make decisions. If one or a number of these companies decide to locate or expand in Williamson County, that would be a major story.

What might be the biggest change to Williamson County’s business community in 2020?

I think the opening of Northside McEwen next year will be the biggest change because it represents suburban development with urban amenities, which is what companies are looking for these days. It is very similar to what The Hill Center has done for Brentwood, and what it will continue to do as it gets fully built out. Walkability and connectivity were very important to Mitsubishi, which is one of the reasons they picked McEwen Northside for their new home. I think the continued development of the Cool Springs area and south will change the landscape and provide more amenities for our residents and visitors.

Who is going to make a big impact in Williamson County next year?

I do not think it [will be] a single person, but a group of people who will make the biggest impact next year. I think it will be, collectively, the small business owners who risk capital to create and grow their business in 2020. We had 76 ribbon cuttings this year, a record for our organization. I think those business owners will continue to impact our economy in a substantial way through finding creative ways to reach and serve residents throughout Williamson County and Middle Tennessee.

Q: Next year?

Ramsey Solutions continues to invest in Williamson County in a big way.  Their new headquarters is a tourism asset for the community. I got a chance to see this firsthand from a couple who used their first vacation in years to make a pilgrimage to the headquarters because of the impact of Dave Ramsey on their life. The company will build another building next year to house their growing team. Ramsey Solutions is also a big tech employer in Williamson County. They have hired a number of software developers in the last few years as the continue to be a leader in innovation.

What is the biggest threat to the business community next year?

We continue to focus on three long term challenges that are by-products of Williamson County’s success: attainable housing, school funding, and transportation solutions.

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