With over 20 years of experience repairing Rolex watches, Sandy Hosein is the epitome of expertise in watch repair. If we lived in the Regency era, Sandy would have been knighted; he’s that good. In fact, kings and queens would appoint a royal watchmaker. Sometimes, when he’s feeling good about himself, he likes to be referred to as “Your Highness.”

In layman’s terms, he is a certified watchmaker. His official title, however, is a Licensed Horologist. Horology, the study of time, is a rare degree and there are only three in all of Tennessee.

Brentwood Jewelry is very proud to have such temporal acumen available to their clients and family. With the major changes in the watch industry (in the 1970’s and 80’s), one would think there are so many inexpensive Quartz and Seiko watches, there would no longer be a need for watchmakers. True enough, the influx of so many watches into the market has led to a decrease in need for repairs. Who wants to pay for a repair when you can buy another watch for so cheap? But if you ask Sandy, he will quote his favorite saying: Life is too short to wear a cheap watch.

The Brentwood Jewelry team agrees with Hosein: you should always invest in a watch that will stand the test of time.

Sandy’s advice for investing in a quality watch

  1. Once in your lifetime, you should invest in a watch. Like he says, life is too short to wear a cheap one! This is an accessory that you will wear every day.
  2. The value of the watch comes from the difficulty of obtaining parts and the area of the world it is from. All good watches come from Switzerland, the original watch makers.
  3. Consider quality, details and status when purchasing a watch.


There are four standards of quality watches:

  • mid
  • high
  • luxury
  • ultra luxury

Tissot and Luminox would be considered mid quality. Longines and Omega are high. Rolex defines luxury. Ultra luxury would be one of a kind watches that may take years to create and are valued in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars! Anything from Fossil, Michael Khors, Daniel Wellington, etc., would be considered fashion watches.


With a high or luxury watch, comes the status afforded to it due to the brand. Like a Coach purse or Manolo heels, a Rolex watch gives power to that first impression you can only make once.

Fit and Finish

It’s all in the details. When it comes to watchmaking, the most minute (that’s mi-noot) details matter! Choose one that fits comfortably and one that is a style that can be worn in all occasions.