With the city busting at the seams, more and more Nashvillians are finding it difficult to make space for their beloved vehicles.

There are plenty of self-storage facilities. However, when in a self-storage unit, cars are left unattended in less-than-desirable conditions and often do not get the proper care or security for the price paid.

Self-proclaimed car nuts Joe Questel and Bill Holleman saw this gap in the storage market and jumped at the chance to create an elevated answer with their “car concierge” level of service.

Questel, partner and avid car lover, said, “One day I woke up and found I didn’t have enough space for the cars that I owned and I was renting space other places and I just wasn’t happy with the spaces that were available.”

This is when the process of My Other Garage began.

Holleman’s life-long love of cars and extensive background in customer service made him the perfect partner for this endeavor.

“I have a passion for taking care of folks, exceeding expectations and facilitating what they love, and in this case, it’s a love of cars,” Holleman said.

Flash forward to October 2016 and My Other Garage was up and running. Questel and Holleman are dedicated to providing quality, service-oriented storage for their clients. Storing only vehicles and motorcycles, they are able to achieve customer care at an elite level.

“Hobby cars and collector cars have gotten big in Nashville … what we wanted to do was create an environment where if you’re an urban dweller, living downtown or someplace where you just don’t have enough garage space … you can still purchase a vehicle either for enjoyment or for investment and have a safe, secure place to keep it,” Questel said.

Along with the climate-controlled storage space, clients are offered a variety of services including: valet style vehicle drop off, pickup and delivery services, vehicle washing and detailing. As if that is not enough, My Other Garage has 24-hour security and on site personnel all day.

An added bonus to storing a car at My Other Garage is the connections clients are able to form with one another. Holleman explained that all true car lovers really want is a place where they can meet other people with that passion, where they can talk about and share their prized cars.

For example, they are hosting an event next month for those interested in German cars. In addition, they have recently hosted a Porsche Detail Day for Musik Stadt PCA, and a  BMW Holiday Party for the BMW CCA Old Hickory Chapter. Events like these bring a community aspect to their company that a self-storage company cannot match. Both having been long invested in the Nashville car club scene, Questel and Holleman knew they wanted this to be a part of their business.

Holleman finds the relationships built with clients to be the most rewarding part of the job.

“It’s fantastic how strong the bond can be between car people. For instance, I love how socioeconomic classes and labels tend to fall away within the car world. Take the time to objectively observe how people of different walks of life interact at a Cars n’ Coffee, a car show, an autocross or car club meeting and you’ll understand,” he said.

Cars brought Questel and Holleman together 20 years ago and now they just want to pass their passion and dedication to cars onto other Nashville car owners.

Questel said their ultimate goal is “being able to help people enjoy or experience the vehicles that they have even more than they would be able to on their own.”

My Other Garage is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends by appointment. It is located at 2832 Logan Street, Suite F in Nashville.

For more information, visit their website here.

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