Nashville Children’s Art Classes offers children a real studio-based art education. It is a four-year proven curriculum that was developed by Barbara Gay. Gay is a certified art teacher with 25 years of experience. This program is award-winning and has gained much recognition for the excellence art work of its students. Through Nashville Children’s Art Classes young artists gain a competitive edge, while they develop skills in over 40 areas of art.

Martha Booysen is the owner of Nashville Children’s Art Classes. Martha volunteered in the public school system and is trained in the Children’s Art Classes Curriculum. Due to her passion for teaching and the arts, she decided to bring Children’s Art Classes to Nashville. Martha said that she is looking forward to building wonderful relationships, along with the education of her students.

Nashville Children’s Art Classes is offering four class levels this year. These levels include: Tiny Hands (ages 3-4), Introduction to Art (ages 5-6), Beginning Art (age 7) and Art 1 (ages 8 and up). Enrollment for Tiny Hands and Introduction to Art will remain open year-round. Enrollment for Beginning Art and Art 1 will remain open until February of 2018.

After students complete Art 1, they can graduate to Art 2, which will begin in the fall of 2018.

Below is a short breakdown of each class:

Tiny Hands

Tiny Hands helps young children explore their creative side and express themselves through artistic activities. This class is activity based and will often give students the chance to work in groups. They will be navigating different types of art making including: drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, collage and design.

Introduction to Art

This class is exactly what it says. Introduction to Art will help students gain beginners skills in art. They will learn about different tools and will be introduced to art vocabulary. Several of the mediums of art from Tiny Hands will remain, but things like charcoal drawing, montage and watercolors will be added. Students will also learn the basics of primary, secondary, cool and warm colors.

Beginning Art

Beginning Art is a follow up to Introduction to Art, but for seven-year-olds who would like to jump right in, they can. They will learn about color theory and design principles whilst they create and explore. In this level, they will learn to do wood carving and sculpture.

Art 1

The Art 1 class has been developed over many years. The purpose of this class is to maximize and maintain the child’s Art interest, as he is challenged to develop a higher level of skills and knowledge. With this class, each student will go through a more structured curriculum wherein they will complete one semester of monochromatic work. Students will also put into practice their understanding of line, texture and value. In this year, the student will start building his/her portfolio.

Each of these classes is brought to a close with an annual pre-judged Art Show judged by local artists and art educators. The event is open to the public and celebrate your child’s achievements.

The studio is located at 4620 Van Leer Court, Nashville, 37135.

For more information about classes or enrollment, visit the website at, email Martha at  or call (813) 500-2568.

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