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Ellen Sherwood Design provided the countertops for this beautiful kitchen.//Photo provided by Ellen Sherwood Design

Premiering Wednesday night on the DIY Network is the second season of one of Nashville’s most loved renovation and home improvement shows, Nashville Flipped.

Nashville Flipped is beginning its second season at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, with eight new episodes. To keep the fun going, there will be a Nashville Flipped marathon running all day after Wednesday night’s premiere.

Troy Dean Shafer, founder and star of the show, says he is dedicated to bringing life back into Nashville’s century-old homes by accentuating their historical charm and adding in a modern touch. One-by-one, he is saving older houses from being torn down and renewing their historical value.

He is most proud of what his show has become in just one season.

“I am most excited by how old our average house is,” he said. “The oldest is from the 1840s … I’m pretty proud that that’s what my show has ended up being.”

With all the hard work Shafer does on and off camera, he relies on a team to help get the homes fully flipped. This season Brentwood’s Ellen Sherwood Design played a part in installing cabinets and counters for the homes.

“The key thing with working with them was their attention to detail … I haven’t really found that before.” Shafer said. “They weren’t just trying to look professional when the cameras were rolling.”

Ellen Sherwood Design, whose office is located in Cool Springs, performs stunning remodeling projects. They have been doing custom cabinetry, tile and mosaic installations, and granite countertops for over almost 15 years.

Not only do they sell and install the countertops, they also hand-fabricate each granite countertop at their manufacturing facility. They work hard to make sure each home has the right fit for their counters, cabinets, and tiling.

This amount of expertise and professionalism came in handy when Shafer needed new bathroom tiles or kitchen counters.

Shafer said, “No matter what job, big or small, I’m always impressed.”

Make sure to catch Nashville Flipped on the DIY Network, Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.

For more information on Ellen Sherwood Design, call  (615) 376-6122 or visit their website.

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