Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists has been serving patients with personal, accessible and intentional care for 15 years.

Now, the city of Franklin now has the opportunity to reap the benefits of having a facility such as this so close.

Owners and founders Scott Johnson and Todd Hayes, are thrilled to be expanding their facility to the Franklin area. When they opened their doors years ago, Johnson and Hayes had no idea that their business would have this far a reach.

They opened their first physical therapy clinic in Huntsville, Ala., in 2003. The practice quickly grew, and a second location sprang up in Madison, Ala.

“We had no vision that it would grow just beyond the two of us,” Johnson said. “Quickly we realized that we were getting really busy… patients love the atmosphere of our clinics… we saw that it was growing beyond just us two.”

Now, Johnson and Hayes PT has grown even more and in June of this year, opened a third clinic in Franklin off of Cool Springs Boulevard. They spent a lot of time scouting for the perfect location in the area. It was a dream come true when they landed on Cool Springs Boulevard. Johnson said that all they wanted was to be in an accessible and well-known area. This way, they could serve as many in the community as possible.

Johnson & Hayes PT specializes in outpatient orthopedic musculoskeletal physical therapy. From return-to-sport programs, hands-on treatments, and therapeutic exercises, they do it all.

When asked what they would most like the people of Franklin to know, their answer was simple: their standard of care.

“How we do it different than most is that the patient sees the same physical therapist from beginning to end. That continuity is always there. The patient is never on somebody else’s schedule,” Johnson said.

Hayes added, “When the patient is with the same PT from beginning to end [of therapy], this results in the highest quality of care and best outcomes.”

Johnson and Hayes have known each other since eighth grade. They played high school and junior college baseball together. Hayes went on to play baseball at Lipscomb University while Johnson finished his career at Birmingham-Southern College. It is no surprise that they circled back to form Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists shortly after graduating from PT school.

Growing up in a team-environment has influenced both of them greatly in this profession. Johnson and Hayes knew as they expanded their practice, they needed to hire the most-qualified and compassionate physical therapists.

Hayes said of their patients, “You become their PT for life because they trust you.”

It is this level of familiarity that keeps Johnson & Hayes PT in such high demand.

Along with these relationships, Johnson and Hayes have formed special bonds with their staff. The relationship-oriented environment has led to years of devoted work from therapists who they have come to deeply know and trust.

At the new Franklin location, finding the perfect therapist to run the facility was the top priority. Luckily, David Jennings was ready for the job.

Jennings was the first graduate from a new sports physical therapy residency program that was a joint venture between Vanderbilt and Belmont. He is now working with Johnson and Hayes to spearhead the new Franklin facility.

Johnson & Hayes PT is for everyone. From the serious athlete to the patient who simply wants to live a higher quality of life, they serve everyone in need. Above all, Johnson and Hayes want people to know that they are patient-driven therapists who run patient-driven clinics.

“Patient satisfaction is our driving factor,” Johnson said.

When asked what the most rewarding part of the job is, both were quick to answer.

Hayes said, “I think that the model that we have allows us as physical therapists to get to know our patients really well. The most rewarding part of our job is the relationships that we’ve developed with our patients.”

Johnson echoed his sentiment in saying, “It is very satisfying when you see a patient that has returned to what they love to do, whether that be a sport, gardening, or simply walking up and down steps without pain.”

Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists is located at 740 Cool Springs Boulevard, Suite 215, Franklin, TN 37067. For more information, call (615) 236-9956 or visit their website.

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