Is it possible to eat pizza, chocolate and potato chips and still lose weight?

According to Weigh Down founder and health expert Gwen Shamblin, the answer is most definitely YES.

With a 30-plus-year track record of leading weight loss seekers to unprecedented weight loss results and restored health, the New York Times best selling author of The Weigh Down Diet and the pioneer of faith-based weight loss remains the original Weigh Down success story.

Yes, the locals in Brentwood and Franklin often spot the thin, outgoing Gwen Shamblin with family and friends enjoying some of our community’s most delicious food and drink … including filet from J Alexander’s and fried pickles from Sportsman’s Grille — and yet her small dress size hasn’t wavered in decades.

“I’ve been eating this way for over 30 years and have consistently maintained this weight,” Gwen reports. “Finding God’s way of eating is the answer to permanent weight loss.”

So what is the skinny on Weigh Down?   With a line up of online and local classes launching in January, nearly 10,000 members on the Weigh Down Facebook group and an international network of Weigh Down Regional Representatives offering personal customized support, now is the time for anyone new or returning to Weigh Down to join this weight loss revolution and find success.

“I lost 130 pounds through Weigh Down and feel absolutely amazing!” reports Brentwood resident Rhonna Rickman. “Through the Weigh Down Basics seminar, I learned how to be done with diet gimmicks and eat regular foods. This is true freedom!”

While other diets restrict certain foods, Gwen teaches that all foods are fair game.

“God did not put chocolate on earth to torture us but rather for our enjoyment,” Gwen explains. “The key is not in the ‘what’ you eat but the ‘how’.”

Weigh Down participants learn to tune in to God’s cues for true stomach hunger, paying attention to what the body is really craving so that you get a variety of foods and then learning to stop at politely full. The results? Thousands around the world are losing weight fast and keeping it off permanently.

No more dieting. Regular foods. But what about the 10 o’clock at night binge when no one is looking? And how do you stop eating out of loneliness or sheer boredom? These times of temptation and emotional issues are addressed in Weigh Down as Gwen teaches how to turn to God for issues of the heart instead of food.

“This is about learning how to transfer a relationship with the refrigerator over to a relationship with God,” Gwen explains.

While Weigh Down success stories continue to fill Facebook, so does the stage at Remnant Fellowship Church, where Gwen hosts the weekly Wednesday night “You Can Overcome” show to a packed, standing room only audience.  These inspirational shows, broadcast worldwide on,  give great hope that no matter how many diets you have tried, returning to God’s way of eating works for everyone.  And long after the conclusion of each broadcast, Gwen and the Weigh Down staff can be found at the front of the stage meeting and greeting  anyone who is in need of an extra word of encouragement.

“There is so much hope … 2018 is the year for everyone to get their weight off! What God is doing is so exciting!”

For more information on how to get in a Weigh Down class, visit or call 1-800-844-5208.  To join the Weigh Down Facebook group go to


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